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    Ive been around that long,i can remember playing the first ever footy manager game called spookily\"

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  1. I also play Clyne as a WB(A) and he has been my best player but Ibe is also pretty good there too.Both avg rat over 7.3
  2. Beneteke was hopeless for me.1 goal in 15..avg rat 6.1...Tried to offload in January transfer window but no one wanted him even at 9m.
  3. Ive had a massive amount of injuries but they are slowly returning.Origi was superb when he was basically the only striker available. Bought Jack Grealish in for 25m,which was the same amount I shipped Lallana out to Arsenal for. Jordan Ibe shows a lot of potential while Lucas and Skrtel have been excellent(Upto November 2015) Firminho has done little while Emre Can likes to whinge to the media.
  4. At Last,someone struggling like me lol.I look at some of the signings made in other posts and Cant get my head around them.Im in February of the first season and have had the sack looming twice already but just dug out a few results to save the day.Adryan is either poor,unfit or injured.Its impossible to get anyone in with just 40% available of transfers(Despite getting a decent chunk in for Belluschi and Silverstre) and a poor wage budget.Having said all this,I am enjoying it,I do like a struggle :-).
  5. 42 hours played but none for 2 months.Ive played every FM game and this is the first time Ive stopped playing it.It just didnt grab me and I keep thinking I`ll start another one but always find something else to do ,which never used to happen. The ME was poor,press conferences,I find pointless. 4/10
  6. Yeh that was all I could think of,shame as well as he was looking good
  7. I brought in a player on loan who almost immediately has got injured for 6 months but i cant find terminate loan anywhere which seems strange as i didnt have a problem finding it when i sent O`Dea back.Anyone got any idea?
  8. Just into october in my first season,im sitting in 6th(just 3pts off top) Players in-Rio Miyachi(AM R/L)(loan)-quite promising but missed 6 matches due to injury so not a regular yet Kirk Broadfoot(D RC)(loan)-Looks stats wise excellent but has a habit of losing his man(not ideal for a defender) Maurice Edu(DM)(Loan)-Tremendous player,solid and a monster tackler Marc Tierney(D L)-(75k)-Had to get him in for that money,decent squad player Miroslav Radovic(AM RLC)-(775k)-Still learning about him but im hoping after he settles,he will be a class act for me. Players out-Jonny Howson-(1.3m)-Too big to turn down Billy Paynter-(160k) Leigh Bromby-(loan) Best players so far have been Snoddy,McCormack,Clayton and as ive already mentioned Edu,whos a must as we dont have any DM`s at the start
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