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  1. Just a couple from my Notts County save.....
  2. 100% agree, expected more from the front 3 but that's FM for you I suppose. @Ronaldo Beckham Not touched the save for a few days, been very busy with work and need to throw some love towards the Notts County save at some point. I'll try to finish the season this weekend and update (if I get time).
  3. @Ronaldo Beckham Can understand in a way why you'd want to start again if you wanted to keep the 'Brentford way' going. It can be very hard on FM (when getting promoted to the Prem) to hold back on transfers 1st season. There's been some good progress on all of your saves it seems, I've hit Jan on mine and really getting frustrated with my front 3. Watkins moaned about me fining him after a very poor season so far and asked for a transfer. Jumped at the chance but no one wants him Mbuemo has been extremely poor as a PF and Benrahma goes missing in most games (which is a shame as I was looking forward to managing him in Champ). Despite not having a single player with over 8 goals so far we're lying 3rd in the league (thanks to the defence and Jensen) and I can see us maybe making the play offs from here (which is fine by me). Tactic wise we have a solid base and the midfield roles are fine (changed the CM role to a Mez in home games and BBM in away). Sold Jeanvier to Swansea for 4.8m after he kept asking for a new contract after every sub appearance he made (he wanted a wage rise of 14k!!) and I'm on the lookout for striker who can actually play as a striker! I can honestly say from my save though, we are far from ready for Prem football if the 1st half of this season is any thing to go by. We've already lost 5 games, 3 against the bottom 4 teams and just can't score goals to save our lives (despite creating the most chances in the league by a mile!). Much work to do but hardly any transfer or wage budget and finances are in bad shape. I really need to sell Ollie Watkins this window and find a couple of gems ready to step straight into the 1st team.
  4. @Catley94 Haha, you did exactly what I did on my Notts County save, I must have spent 24+ hours searching for obscure Newgens in that save (becomes addictive). You've managed to grab some pretty decent ones there, I found Cardiff MET and The New Saints produce some decent English players in my save (picked up a CB from The New Saints for 2k, sold him for 11m+). As for Bamba, if it was me I'd train him as a CB with heavy focus on Marking, Positioning and Heading. Not sure how much more you can improve those with him being close to maxing out though. He has decent mental and physical attributes to pull the position off, even if it's just as cover down the line.
  5. @mrmojorisen I'm thinking of switching to a 4231 when Marcondes comes back, this 433 is very inconsistent for us atm. Only lost 1 at Leeds but we've played well below what we're capable of. Even though we sit 2nd in the table after 9 games I'm not happy with how it's going. Relying too much on opposition mistakes and set pieces (even though set to default). Don't know what it is with me and saves but, I can't get Gegenpress to work (even though every one says it's OP as heck this FM again). @dothestrand I only have the English leagues loaded, do have 382k players loaded though (it's how I always play 1 club saves). It allows quick processing times with the advantage of Newgens from any where in world (plus it's very good for finding cheap talent early on). Also, nice to see that Brentford seems a popular save this year, very interesting club with a squad ready for the Prem (with a few small tweaks).
  6. @Welshace I had Finn Becker on loan in L1 3rd season at Notts County. Did ok for us and was a useful squad member. As For Macias, no, but just checked him in my Brentford save and he has 20 aggression, my eyes have lit up for a PF if he can get a WP!
  7. Yeah, I tried that exact setup in pre-season and it was horrid mate, don't know why, couldn't even break down our U23's! Watkins is very poor for me, I hate players with 'shoots from distance' PPM so any decent offer for him and he can go tbh. Benrahma has been on fire as a winger (A) for us, winning 4 pens in 4 games (converting 3) and grabbing 2 assists. As much as I want to play Norgaard DM as DLP I'm slightly scared by his 'arrives late in opp area' PPM. Last thing I want is to get caught out in the 90th min because he fancied a forward run, lol. I'll use this season to experiment a lot, I'm trying to get that PPM removed from Norgaard (which will then mean him dropping to DM) so I can use Zamburek as a Mez on support in CM. With the board only wanting play offs I can afford to make mistakes here and there this season and tweak the tactic to get the best out of us. Be interesting to see how the pair of us line up and do if we're pretty much using the same system (tbh, it was a no brainer for me to choose this).
  8. @Ronaldo Beckham Very nice. I just hope Mbeumo can carry us this season as a pressing forward as Karelis is out for 9 months Any ways, transfer window is shut and we've done a little bit of business. Soon as I took over I knew what I wanted from my backroom staff so set about getting that right from day one. In came 5 new scouts (sacked the old ones), new assistant manager in Jason Dodd (pretty much my go to outside the top flight) as well as adding the likes of David Platt and Denis Bergkamp as U23 manager and first team coach. For scouts I decided to focus on Scandinavia (as we have roots there already) and France for picking up talent, with us also scouting L1 & L2 (due to club vision of signing from lower leagues). This all led up to the following signings... Mattias Jakobsen Joins us from FC Kobenhavn for 500k (rising to 1.1m) Mohamed Daramy Also joins us from FC Kobenhavn for 700k (rising to 1.8m) Nicklas Rojkjaer Joins us on a free transfer when his contract runs out at Esbjerg (Jan 1st 2020). I did try to bring in others but just couldn't get them over the line, we really needed another CB but there just wasn't value for money around. So, this is how we're going to line up during the season (ignore the CB's, both Pinnock and Pontus are out for 2 weeks). I just feel this system is pretty much perfectly suited for this squad. Still not set on the central midfield roles though and will experiment throughout the current campaign. So far so good, winning pens for days (3 in 2 games) and even showing our metal against Boro after going down to 10 men (and blowing a 2-0 lead). Very early days but I feel, if we can keep the majority of the current first team squad fit, we can certainly push for a play off spot (which is what the board want). As with Brentford IRL I've gone against every thing I normally do and not even bothered with the U18's/U23's. Sending out our best prospects on loan and not even employed a HOYD. I think my plan for this save is to pick up a few more (if allowed) affiliate clubs and send out our young players there to gain better match experience and help them develop (I hope) into first team players. What this will also do as well is help to drive up player prices so we can profit from them in the long run (as with Brentford IRL). So there you have it, few months in and we've got the backroom setup as I want, loaned out our promising young players, found a system that we'll stick with and started to implement our club philosophy of young, hungry, hard working players. Here's to many years (I hope) in London!
  9. I feel your pain, there's times I actually wanted to do just that on the save! Only thing I can suggest is to keep tapping them up in the media and hope the player starts getting annoyed when bid's are accepted and agent turns you away. Now, I'm not sure that can actually happen on FM (feel free to put me wrong any one) but it seems the only way to get them to me. I'm afraid even when your rep goes up the agent still says the same thing. I started to wonder if I'd annoyed him (players agent) at some point during the save and couldn't see if I had or hadn't. If that is actually a thing and it stops you from signing players they represent then it's a game changer for sure (for me any ways, I hate every agent on FM!). Be interesting to know if that was the case, it would for sure make me change the way I approach player contracts (and asking them to sack agents).
  10. @Ronaldo Beckham Very nice thread! I'm half way through pre-season in my Brentford save so will post my progress in here once the transfer window shuts in August.
  11. On most of them, yeah. There was one young wonderkid I just kept plugging to the media (as top target) and he eventually sacked his agent which led us to signing him. Whether that was a complete fluke or what I just don't know though.
  12. Had that so many times on my Notts County save and it drove me bananas! Glad to hear it's an actual bug though, I just thought I was going mad.
  13. Fine by me fella, means more of my spare time on FM! I will, like I said, I've already been jotting down ideas whilst being bored out of my head at work
  14. I'll have a look when I get home I suppose I'll try and have some sort of thread up by tonight but no promises
  15. I would suggest plenty of research into what makes Brentford the club they are. The 2 posts some one posted earlier in the thread (when talking about the money ball approach) would be a good place to start I think and go from there. If I remember right they have a fairly small first team squad (not at home so can't load FM and check) and without any real youth system in place it should be pretty straight forward. I'll start my Brentford save tonight, in fact, I've already been scribbling down ideas whilst at work
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