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  1. You don't have to subscribe to Stadia to get games, you can just buy games on that system like normal. This has the potential to be huge, for example for people who don't have a good laptop, load up your save at a mate's house to show them stuff, play a big final round your mates', mess about with your team on your phone/tablet. And yes, get through seasons as fast as your fingers can manage it. But mods would be impossible, fake Germany only, that kind of thing.... Fascinating!
  2. We all know by now just how far the FM series reaches, with Kevin Bridges using it in comedy routines, and mentioning it in interviews, and players talking about their FM accomplishments. These 2 tweets appeared on my feed today. https://twitter.com/dbouzanis43/status/260361568502554626 https://twitter.com/dbouzanis43/status/260361857196494848 That's 4 Oldham players all starting off a Gillingham save. Good lads, doing it hardcore, not going straight to Chelsea and spending millions!
  3. Interesting the reaction of you and fellow Pompey fans BBC! Oldham fans who went don't agree about us being really poor, and think we used our wingers especially well! That's football I guess, opinions can differ so wildly. One thing everyone agrees on though is the joke of a referee, haha!
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