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  1. Yeah no problem, I'm using the tweaked version of Fussination 1.0 from the user Dave Byrd on this forum. It's very popular on the tactics forum in here. The tactic is very solid, but you need some good wingers and quick central defenders. My stats with Liverpool using the tactic so far:
  2. First Season: 2nd in the English Premier League (Need Chelsea do lose to Man City on the last matchday. The drew 1-1 and won the EPL by 1 point over me.) Quarter Final in the Capital One Cup Won the English FA Cup Transfers: Second Season: Transfers: Squad: Fixtures so far in my second season:
  3. Was using your V4 on patch 13.1.3, and then i switched to your V5 when 13.2 came out. Here are my results so far using V5 (marked in the red box) Goals coming from position: ST: 11 Wingers AM LR: 29 MC: 17 Defenders: 6 The tactic is pretty good. Obviously it really depends on how well your team is gelled and used to the tactic.
  4. Cavani has become more of a facilitator for my team with assists, surely because he is the playmaker.
  5. Firstly i think the tactic is very solid. I started a save with Arsenal to try it and things are going very well. But there is one thing that is bothering me and it is that i dont feel the striker is scoring as much as I would like. For example in my team the MC is scoring more than my striker. I bought in Cavani at the start of the season and he should not be bad in this tactic. Do you have any tips for what i can do? The striker is supposed to be the playmaker right? Not the targetman also?
  6. Kovačić is brilliant! Someone should also post a thread about the other great talent Dinamo Zagreb has in Alen Halilović. I'm playing as Dinamo, and those guys are really good, gonna be hard holding on to them when the offers start coming in.
  7. Loving this tactic Mr Hough! Nice start to my second season with Dinamo Zagreb.
  8. Guys check this forum for other SITV's. I'm playing with Real Madrid and the skin with the Real Madrid SITV is sick! Matorko: Svaka cast majstore, prejak skin
  9. No problem man, i downloaded it with a pack. Here is the link: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/282986-FM12-Stadium-Background-project-%281920x1080-1920x1200-or-1600x1200%29
  10. Ready for the Champions League Final after a stunning performance at the Parc des Princes!
  11. My defence with Neuer,Bale,Hummels,Ranocchia,Srna and Vidal just shut up shop in the last 19 out of 20 games Lost the streak with a 3-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield...
  12. Pato got snubbed by Messi for the World Golden Ball and finished in 2nd place, but he got the World Player of the Year. Insane stuff from Pato:
  13. Cleon, what does your teamtalk look like? Tried to find something on here about it..
  14. Hello! Just wanted to post a screenshot of my first season with Real Madrid using the new Mr Hough 10.3 tactic. This is by far the most efficient attacking tactic i have seen so far. Ronaldo is a beast in this tactic. Helped me win the treble in my first season without any struggle. Here is my squad screen and the league table. Here is also a screenshot of my manager history.
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