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  1. ah thanks for the replies. should have coped that sooner. Cheers and thanks about the champ league - i'm the defending champions so wont make that mistake
  2. So at the start of my 5th season in the premier league and league games started in mid July and playing some mid week games then too and i have no league fixtures in November and 1 for December. Any reason for this to be happening or just random incident?
  3. first penalty of the season and i scored - happy days!!
  4. I am playing as Everton and am 20 years into the game. Since the last patch i have been missing lots more penalties. In my last match i missed a penalty and it was my 8th straight penalty miss. I have changed penalty takers and all of them had high penalty taking and high composure stats. Has anyone else noticed that they are missing more penalties then normal?
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