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  1. In terms of the poll options, I don't play the game any more. I don't think it's a bad game but it just no longer appeals to my tastes, I find it more frustrating than fun. I certainly don't think the game is in decline though, it does appear to be improving version after version, whether you appreciate the changes is another thing.
  2. CM10 has a customisable highlights option, I found it very useful. It reduced a lot of the frustration when watching matches.
  3. Nice post ldktalin, I agree with a lot of that. Particularly the quote below.
  4. Stupid Team Talks

    That's pretty much what 'none' is.
  5. No, apparently they are not.
  6. Not a Rant, But....

    How does the match engine work? Does it try to generate it's own stats that roughly replicate real life or is it driven by stats from real life?
  7. I would have thought agility would be most important. Beyond that I don't know enough about how the game works to say whether jumping/strength play a role when trying to claim crosses and I don't know what role pace/acceleration have when there's a rushing out stat.
  8. Do the changes to the tactical side introduced in FM10 not constitute a bit of a revolution?
  9. I don't use the scouting tools as such but I have edited some of the screens to display the hidden attributes so it's essentially the same thing. I still let the scouts do their work and use the hidden attributes to supplement their report, particularly when they've mentioned nothing about any of the hidden attributes. As Shanksie1975 mentioned to, it's all about where you draw the line between realism and fun. Personally it's made the game more fun for me.
  10. There's a good thread in the tactics forum with touchlines shouts for for defensive strategies: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=171637.
  11. Patchs

    Of course, it could even mean the bugs are more serious; that patches introduced further bugs; there are a number of possibilities.
  12. Patchs

    Fewer patches cannot necessarily be intrepreted as being better. It could equally be viewed as having to wait longer for fixes.
  13. Not a Rant, But....

    I’m not convinced Hammer is the only person with this problem so I do believe it should be discussed. I’ve certainly found FM to be enormously frustrating, the peak being FM06/07. I was managing a good team but was performing poorly, primarily due to the inability to convert chances into goals and poor morale. The solution may well be tactical but it certainly wasn’t obvious to me from what I was watching in game (I admit to having limited real life tactical knowledge regarding football). At the time I was travelling a lot, had no internet connection (thus couldn’t visit forums for assistance) and eventually said ‘stuff it’ and moved away from the FM series. For so long as the game causes frustration or I feel in any way ‘cheated’ by the game it does not represent a viable purchase. My personal opinion is that if a game does make the player feel ‘cheated’ in any way, there is a design problem, or at the very least an information problem. Edit: interesting link re: AI cheating in games http://www.designer-notes.com/?p=132
  14. I have 2 1/2 stars on my Mac and runs just fine on high detail (I have turned off the crowds, though not for performance reasons).
  15. I tried something like that in FM06 and all it led to was a shattered disc on the floor. I made sure to get FM10 via digital download .