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  1. Yeah I would be ok with Touch version. Do you think I could play smoothly FM Touch 19 in that laptop? Do you have some better options of hybrid laptops? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey guys! I'm looking for an hybrid laptop (the smaller and lighter the better) to play FM 2019. My budget is not really high (350€ max) and I just run into this one: https://www.worten.pt/informatica/computadores/portateis-hibridos-2-em-1/portatil-hibrido-11-6-asus-tp203na-c3dhdsb2-6309110?utm_source=KuantoKustaProd&utm_medium=comparadordeprecos&utm_campaign=alwayson Do you think I'll bem able to play FM 2019 smoothly on this? It Will be only to play FM and for work (office and web) so I don't want a gaming PC, just something very portable.
  3. Hi, I just bought FMT 18 and I noticed that the game is not displaying any logos (small or big). You can see on the picture I took. The small logos don't happear at all and the big ones are just a square with the team color. Can anybody help me on this?
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