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  1. Good to see I'm doing well with the national team.
  2. Wow, I should be sacked already from the England job after failing to qualify when Cyprus & Hungary have
  3. Living The Dream: Neath and Llanelli

    Well done on getting to the group stages so quickly, even if it was Neath that got there first (in my save I've lost count at the amount of times I've attacked their manager in the press )
  4. Living The Dream: Neath and Llanelli

    No offence but I hope your mate does better with Llanelli, like him I have a soft spot for them too. I'm still going with an FM11 save currently in 2020 with them and I've just got the WPL to 2.5 stars rep. But good luck to both of you!
  5. Well at least they won it on FM Seems like they're doing pretty well though just need that final promotion! Thanks for that info.
  6. A promotion to the Premier League with West Ham will look good on the CV. Any chance you could tell me what league Swindon are in now and how they've been doing over the years?
  7. Quite a big step up there for me taking over at West Ham, should have a good chance at promotion
  8. Hope I can find a job soon too, but a very unsuccessful spell at Brentford is hardly a good sign...
  9. Great sign-up to be involved in, well done CB! Most Goals in a Season & Most International Games, I'm very happy with that! Now to take over at Swindon and get them back up to where they should be...
  10. Hmm Brentford, not exactly the most exotic of places to start my managerial career after leaving Valencia!
  11. Incredible career from like you said not very promising beginnings in the Man City reserves, hopefully he'll have managerial career to match it!
  12. Ahhh was only a matter of time I suppose, not getting any first team chances any more. Shame though, I would have loved to see him go home (preferably to Swindon...can't wait for tomorrow!) but still he's had a fantastic career.
  13. Oh dear, what a shambles of a season...hopefully he gets one last great season before he retires.
  14. Oh dear, not liking the look of that season. Maybe retiring soon then unless I get a move to a lower division.
  15. Another consistent season so far, getting to 100 goals for England would be amazing! I'm coming for 2nd place...