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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this topic, but as it regards tactic screen I'll try. Somehow I cannot arrange players after position column. If I remove all players, the positions, with role and duty disappears. Also if I set up the team, and remove one of the players, the position disappears, and I have to drag the player to the position in the pitch view. I cant seem to find out how to get this back. It is like this in standard views and in custum views. Any idea how I manage to mess this up, and how to revert it back to how it used to be?
  2. Similar as you, 17 foreign players. Havent tried to offer new contract, just asked for work permit again. Does this regard to young players without international caps too? In that case this would be fantastic
  3. Thats what I thought unfortunately :/ So I basically need to focus on domestic talents, since young talents do not get enough international caps in young age. That sucks, developing youngsters is one of the most exciting things in FM
  4. As the topic says, Brexit has arrived and new rules has been applied in England. I havent had the worst Brexit, nor the best I suppose. Is there any chance now to develop young foreign talents? I have bought Rodrygo, he is 18 years old. Is there any other choice than to loan him out, and hope for the best?
  5. FM18 crashed when I tried to open highlight from the previuos match in the analysis tab. crash dump is attached FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.07 21.44.46).dmp
  6. Anyone been able to get a farmerclub in Spain? I have Gateshead, and N.E.C. in Netherlands, but for workpermit reasons I need a club in Spain. Although I find a club and propose the deal, the board blocks it because I already have those two clubs :/
  7. Thanks for nice inputs Barside Ill definitely try another preseason next time! I am managing Newcastle United, were not that unfamiliar with injurycrisis. I better take a phone call til Rafa and hear how he got control of the injuries in the northeast
  8. Hello HUNTT3R, I have had between 3-6 players out with longtime injuries for the most amount of 3 seasons. Then add the 3-4 players with shortterm injuries. It occurs in pre-season, in training during season, and in matchplayduring pre-season or during the season. I have had broken legs, ligament injuries, achilles injuries, ACL, ++ Maybe I have alot of injury prone players.. My mate basically has the same players in his save, and have 1 or 2 injuries, but not nearly the same as me. Could it be that I do not get the pre-season done right, so that the players are not ready for a season of football? I am rotating rather fairly, so I never use players under 90% condition.
  9. Same setup as I have. I really do not know how I can stop this injuries
  10. I have enourmous amount of injuries in my FM17 save! Through 3+ seasons I have had long injuries on several of my key players throught he whole season. I have the best physios in the Premier League. I train high intensity physics training during preseason, I never use players with condition below 90%. I train my players on average intensity throughout the season, puts the intensity down on low with several matches in a week. Injuries is occurring during mathces, but mostly during training. Are there anyone that has an idea for what I can do to decrease the amount of injuries? Tore Olav
  11. Thank you very much! A coincidence that I am actually just starting to read that O-Zil thread as we speak! I tend to fancy a 4231 shape, but maybe I have to see other places for some new inspirations
  12. Incredible work mate!! Do you want to share some tactics?
  13. I had the same issue with allowed coaches, but FatAsh accepted one more when I went to the board and complained I think I'll have to do as you did, just focus on a coach with determination, motivation and discipline and add him to all areas needed. I hope this does not affect the quality on the training tho..
  14. How have you guys solved coaches from the beginning? I have hired coaches, so that I have at least 4 stars on each training area, but all the coaches are overworked, and the players are lacking attention. I am having trouble finding good enough u23 coaches to add to the backroom staff Any tips?
  15. Oki, I guess there is more behind the curtains than meets the eye. You guys must have a specification to be able to run the game 100%, if so, please let me know what to look for in a new computer
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