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  1. Thanks for the reply KUBI, the file is saved as .xml, what would I need to do to attempt to fix the issue? I will definatley take your advice in future Re backing up my files
  2. OK so long story short, ive been updating my fm2014 database for the past few days and now when I try load the file I get the message 'could not load file' 'not well formed (invalid token) at line 1' not sure if there was a problem when saving which has corrupted it, is there any way to salvage my file or is my hard work destroyed? thanks
  3. My main gripe is that it only runs on iPad air. I have iPad 4 which isn't much different in spec and am not compatible. Tbh if I was looking to upgrade my tablet I would most likely buy Surface Pro 3 which can run the full game anyway so it kinda means I will never buy this new version. Good idea and something I've wanted for years but it's way to limited in compatibility to be a big seller imo If u make it compatible with iPad 4 im in...
  4. Ok so my laptop finally bit the dust today and will need to replace it. Being that money is tight at the moment I am looking at these options from the weekly payment catalogue, bear in mind this means prices will be around 25-30% higher than if I bought something in store. http://www.littlewoods.com/lenovo-g500-intelreg-coretrade-i3-processor-6gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-wi-fi-156-inch-laptop-black/1354381268.prd Although it doesn't state exact processor I'm pretty sure it runs on i3-3110m Or 2nd option http://www.littlewoods.com/acer-e1-571-intelreg-coretrade-i7-processor-6gb-ram-750gb-hard-drive-wi-fi-156-inch-laptop-blacksilver/1320882576.prd Am trying to decide if option two is worth the extra money (£500 compared to £380), also will these specs run FM at a good pace, I normally use main leagues English Prem to. League 2 and top divisions of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Scotland with say 40k database size. Other question is being these run on ivy bridge processor released back end of 2012 (I did some small research but am not knowledgable), would this mean they are or will be outdated quickly? Any help appreciated guys
  5. Strange that they took Torres out of the Chelsea team, hardly makes it a fair experiment. I mean if Chelsea did sign him they wouldn't sell Torres would they. Also didn't see them take Rooney out of United etc.
  6. This is a problem for me also In the past when managing Real Madrid i could never sigm many Spanish players because they played for teams like Valencia and Bilbao. While i agree that generally players wont move from Barca (unless your name is Figo) and possibly Atletico Madrid i think rivalry with other teams is way over the top. I tried for sign Jesus Navas he wasnt interested even tho he plays for Sevilla, i tried to sign Juan Mata when he was at Valencia and he wont budge either, which is strange since he is Real Madrid youth player in the past who didnt make the grade. Also a regen player aged 17 had no interest to speak to me then a few weeks later signs for youth team of lowly Lazio. 6 months later i signed him no problem because he played for a club not considered a rival. Regarding Inter and AC, many players move both directions. I can think of Ibrahimovic, Pirlo, Crespo, Ronaldo and Seedorf of top of my head.
  7. I believe FM08 was one of my faves, mainly because Matias Fernandez was awesome
  8. See for me this is the big debate From my experience of FM Live i know i am pretty good at FM. Consistently one of the top teams in both my games worlds. On FM(insert number) i have never won anything special with minnows Here are some of my achievements for example -Promoted from Blue Square North to League One with Redditch over 12 year period with the club -Won 4 League titles and 2 CL trophies with Juventus -Won 5 league titles and 2 CL trophies with Real Madrid - Turned Everton and Aston Villa into top 4 sides and won a few Carling Cups - Won JSP trophy with MK Dons and promoted to Championship - Sacked as England manager after losing 2-0 to Scotland in World Cup 2nd round - Won 8 SPL league titles with Hearts over 15 year period - Won 4 league titles in Holland with Utrecht over 10 seasons - CL finalist with Ajax, losing to Real Madrid (season 2038 when Holland ranked 4th in League Coefficient) In summary my achievements are pretty modest compared to most of the bragging/ego threads on these forums, this leads me to believe people use tools (genie scout/FMRTE) and reload when they lose keys games. Nothing wrong with that but not how i play and please dont cheat then brag whilst lying that u did it fairly. I played in Scotland it took me 25+ seasons before i made them top 6-8 in the league coefficient i managed in Holland it took me 40+ seasons to rank them 3rd in coefficient and still could never overtake the EPL which was to rich in TV revenue to compete with Its almost impossible to make minnow leagues world class Rant over... PS - to answer your question, although the game has many flaws it can be pretty realistic if u play it as intended. If you cheat and try to be a hero it will obviously be unrealistic
  9. I normally set up my corners using my 'banger' routine and then rather than pick delivery to near post i leave it as mixed, this way its far less frequent but my centre backs can still pop up with some crucial goals depends on your players aswell, i never buy defenders with less than 16 in heading/jumping and 80% headers won success rate so i find mine struggle not to score. ATM im Arsenal and have Chris Samba and Sebastien Coates who are both giants of men Last season using my diluted instructions Samba scored 8 (from standing on the GK) and Coates scored 6 (from near post) i think this is fair numbers to not be classed as cheating whilst still being effective
  10. Ok am managing Arsenal in Season 2017-18, looking for AMC to give some competition to Wilshere. Both Eriksen and Kakuta will cost similar price due to being unhappy at their respective clubs (around 12m) and around same wages (60k basic). Who should i sign?
  11. Funny that, since in real life if i remember rightly, David O'Leary replaced Olof Mellberg as captain in favour of Gareth Barry, only for Barry to be sent off against Portsmouth. Then he reinstated Mellberg after a few matches i believe when he realised his mistake, Gareth Barry would of course become a future full time captain after Mellberg decided to relinquish the role in his final season for us. So in summary, these two players over many seasons were removed and replaced but still retook the job when offered it back
  12. Players need to be aged 23 or under at the start of the season in which the award is given, this is for English Young Player of Season If u check real life winners they were similar age also 06-07 - Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd) aged 22 07-08 - Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal) aged 21 08-09 - Ashley Young (Aston Villa) aged 24 09-10 - James Milner (Aston Villa) aged 24 10-11 - Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) aged 19
  13. If you mean can you produce 11 players of similar age to play in first team in mould of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Pedro, Valdes, Busquets then i would very much doubt it In my Scottish save game i have Hearts and Rangers with State of the Art Youth Faciilities, Excellent junior coaching and above average youth recruitment. Dundee United and Hibernian both have good set ups aswell but not on par (will check actual stats when i can load the game) im not sure it really effects the quality of youth tho tbh since i didnt see so many super regens, prob a handful of quality but some are from english academies and also i noticed when i was managing England national team that maybe regens have improved somewhat this version. I would say based on population that Scotland will always lag behind, if 1 in 10 players is world class for example there is a lot more 1's and 10's in 50m than 5m.
  14. Unfortunatley all the previous action generated in said season will have involved the new players anyway, in other words 'Djibril Cisse will still have 10-20 apps for QPR and form as such when u start in february' This is not new for me tbh since i used to do a challenge i found on forums which involved loading Brazil league or some other january starter and picking EPL team which is bottom at Xmas and trying to save them from relegation. I remember doing it with Derby County whatever version they were in Prem with Billy Davies and Paul Jewell (maybe FM08) nice idea tho for those unaware, im not bashing your thread, just stating that each player will have played half a season before u join anyway
  15. Assistants suck, thats is all i have to say, mine is good for media work and thats only because i dont study his answers otherwise i might find he is terrible at that aswell Like someone mentioned the other day, Barca lead the league by 20 points, there is 7 remaining games (21 points), assistant asked 'who do u think wins the league this season' and replies 'Villarreal'
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