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  1. what is supposed to happen if I criticize a player for training (e.g. after the ass manager reports he failed to impress over the last month?). Will he gain or redistribute CA faster? I suspect this player has reached his PA..
  2. ok, but attributes like passing & pace "eat up" more CA bacause of this players AMC position? I remember all this vaguely from an old thread , I think it was SFRaser that did the research??
  3. I've got a brilliant regen DM. He's also accomlished as Cm, but unfortunately awkward as AM. Now, the way I understand it, having AM as a positions eats up some of his CA. is there a way to make him forget the AM position?
  4. This would be very helpful. Maybe in the form of posting a clip + analysis and discuss on what's actually told by stats & the clip
  5. so there is a flaw in the M.E. after all..... teams parking the bus will fall in the trap, come out more and give away space to be exploited instead of sitting back in two banks of 4 watching the other team play the ball around near the middle of the park while their supporters become less patience and start booing the home team into action
  6. I've been using a narrow 4-2CM-3AMC-1 system with ajax with great succes (and great luck to win ECL in 2nd season). - DR: wingback attack or support, DL FB(s). - CDx2 - CM(d) and Cm(s) or DLP(s) - AMC's vary a bit depending on players, generally two attacking roles (SS, AM making runs) and and AP(s): runners roam & move into channels - False nine or CF(s) It uses short passing, retain posssesion, work ball in box, pass into space, push higher up, offside trap, fluid control. hardly any signings, bringing youth in, but the dutch leagie us quite easy. I struggle against the big teams. Now in my third season more teams com ein to park the bus and i fail to create chances and the opposition creates more CCC's on the counter. I've tried an approach playing lower possesion based soccer, wingbacks slowly pushing up, passing around until an opening presents itself, but I've found that by lowering mentality &tempo i gave the opposition more off the ball, allowing them to play instead of us. I them changed my CM's to DM's, but with more creative roles, a DM(s) and DLP (s) for example. The DM(s) plays less risky passes (we'd be in trouble if he loses possesion) . I find that this creates more space fo the AM's to move into and gives more passing options for the DM's as the opposition still comes out to mark them. If this fail I move my AMCL and AMCR to the wing and play more direct & wider as a last measure, but this depends more on the individual pace&skill of the wingers than on a sound tactic. Halfway through 3rd seasoin and comfortably sitting on top with a 14 point lead, but I feel it's to early to tell is this has solved the issue with creating less chances definitely Now, this saw me create chances, dominate possesion and concede little.
  7. May I suggest the pressure associated with the title race might be an explanation? On several occasions I have found that I was losing to a vastly inferior team, playing sluggish, not knowing why, only to find out after the match that I could have won the league with a win... (One just doesn't expect that early march ...) . Might be interesting to run your experiment again and vary press conference/teamtalks a bit, reducing the prerssure maybe? . I am not convinced that some (legimate) issues with your tactics could account for the huge variation in results. A second experiment could be to play a game against the same weak team earlier in the season with your tactic 15 times and see if you get a similar big spread in results. I Mean, 8-0, 11-0 and 0-5 does seem a bit random indeed
  8. I LOLed....it's sad though...... SI and all the experts are advising people to watch matches in full, change & tweak tactics based on what they see on pitch (although it appears a bit silly to make big changes for one match/incident, I'd say N>10 is at least necessary), but players that are able to remember a bad teamtalk for months forget a simple 4-3-3 in an instant. Bring out the ME conspiracy theories
  9. I this normal? I've got three tactics completely fluid (a 443, 451 and 4231 but that's irrelevant). Now, I decide to experiment for upcoming games, and change one tactic (the 451) to something exotic, a 2-3-2-1-2 I think. After I've created this new tactic I decide to go back to the old 451, so load it form the "manage tactics" in the tactics screen, and all of a sudden it is only 30% fluid. Now, I did not even hot continue in between, just deleted one tactic (saving it first), made a new one, threw it out and loaded the old one back in?
  10. Yes, that's what I do now. Not sure however if it is beneficial or detrimental for 15 year old to train with the senior players. After all, all my top rated youth coaches are working woth the U19's
  11. The ME looks/feels more natural, that's a good thing. Not sure how much of it is just eye candy, but i do see a lot of backheels and little flicks being played in my 3 AMC short passing set-up. However, it appears tutoring hasn't been fixed yet? Still a 6 months cool down period, and hardly any ppm's get transferred from tutor to younger player. This makes me very very very sad as I'm trying to develop all thiw ownderful Ajax talent with the help of the likes of Seedorf & Litmanen. I hope SI fix the tutoring before these guys die.....in game that is
  12. Trying to build a tactic around 1 or 2 static playmakers and lots of forward runners to run onto htrough balls. A handy overview of forward runs and run with ball instructions that come with the different roles would be....well, handy. On a side, does the individual instruction to stay higher up refer to static/starting positioning or does this represent forward runs?
  13. The problem for me is that I want my very talented U19 players to play in the reserves as opposed to the U19's. If I do not control everything manually they will play in the reserves (professional in the dutch league) AND in the U19 match in the same weekend, which is too much. So i resort to managing my first and B-team, making sure tehse starlets do not play in the U19's. Do you work around this? Also, in this approach these players will be in first team training, not benefitting from the excellent youth facilities&coaches at the club. what would the effect of that be? They will improve (gain CA), but more generic and lees steered by the training&coaching set up?
  14. LOL, great this one! Last season my Ass manager controlled the B-team and I noticed after every game 2-3 players came complaining to me cause they'd been warned by the ass manager over poor performance (My Ajax B-team plays professional in dutch 2nd division, so my youngsters lost quite a number of games:-) . Ik got tired of talking to these youngsters on a weekly basis so decided to do the reserves myself, keepign morale a bit up, in order for the players to perform better on the pitch, thus developing quicker. Now I learned the ass manager did a much better job than I thought... BTW, My asst manager is Meulensteen, he's very good at man management and very mediocre at motivating (or the other way around, not 100% sure as I am not near the game....) . Would this mean man management is about developing youngsters, motivating about keeping morale high?
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