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  1. Background config files

    Yeah, that's what I have already. Was just wondering regarding the team backgrounds.
  2. Background config files

    No one?
  3. Background config files

    I've been developing a stadium background pack (that also shows as the team backgrounds) and I was wondering if you could config it like you could with kits where a certain graphic can be displayed when a certain year is reached. So basically when for example West Ham move to the Olympic stadium the Olympic stadium bg would show on West Ham's pages. I've got this as a config at the moment at the end of the normal config file. <record from="676_alt" to="graphics/pictures/team/676/background/2016"/> <record from="29076584" to="graphics/pictures/team/735/background/2016"/> <record from="28096287" to="graphics/pictures/team/728/background/2018"/> Anfield's redevlopment, West Ham Olympic Stadium move and the New White Hart Lane. All are coded into the games default database. Any advice, or if it's even possible? Cheers
  4. SKY SPORTS FM2014 SKIN by Johnakos

    A few comments from me to justify my 'bad' rating. The concept is great but the execution is not the best. The majority of the graphics used are pretty low quality. Take the home screen for example, the logo is very low quality. Also, the contrast between the background colours and the menu text isn't distinct enough. I also, from first glance, get sort of put off by the amount of gradients used. Some positives are the match day screen, I like the 3D highlights with the nice scoreboard, the top right image could be slightly smaller though. With some more work it could be great.
  5. Freak goals happen, as long as they're not too frequent I don't see it as a bug.
  6. First thing I tried, still didn't load.
  7. Your posts aren't helping anyone and are just unneeded spam, it seams you have just signed up to abuse staff who put plenty of hours in to help people.