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  1. I buy the xbox game pass and play this game but the in game editor is not available and no options to buy it...
  2. I have same problem and the saved file Farsley2.fm uploaded to SI cloud. Can't continue the game to Jun 1st. btw, this only happen in windows, the mac version doesn't have this problem.
  3. Lippi resigns from China National Team: https://apnews.com/cb77c4a4554d4f3b9b370949c2fbe7ee
  4. refer to http://www.gwytb.gov.cn/wyly/201911/t20191104_12214930.htm https://dongqiudi.com/news/1264844.html (Chinese News) Chinese Taipei(China PR) players are not foreign players in all China leagues.
  5. OK, Could you help move this to feature request forum?
  6. In England low level leagues, each team only have 5 subs and many teams won't include GK in the subs in real life. So is it possible to add an auto select option to select the players without GK in subs?
  7. Saved Game: /fm/game-save/Nuneaton_NotRespond.fm Date in Game: 05/21/2069 21:45 Just load the game and click 'Continue', it hangs when it move to next day and shows Not Respond in task manager and you can only force close it. Environment: Windows 10 Professional 64bit 17134 i5-4590 24GB Memory DirectX 12 I meet such issues many times on both Windows and Mac OS.
  8. happened on 17.1.2 too. no any custom graphics/logos/skins. no any anti-virus / windows defender running
  9. No custom graphic pack and only windows defender runnning (no any detection report)
  10. Windows 10, the game crashed many times (at least 4) in half end!!! Can't find the dump file. screenshot attached.
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