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  1. Game crashes every time

    Hi Marc, I sent you an email yesterday. Pleaser check your spam filter etc. if you haven't seen it yet. Hope to hear from you.
  2. Game crashes every time

    hi Marc, thanks for the reply. I am confused... do you want me to write to your email address? I think the ball is in your (SI) court, so I will wait patiently to hear how you wish to proceed.
  3. Game crashes every time

    Hi Marc, no word from you. I guess you are busy. Here is my suggestion. I will update to the latest OS via my Mac's iTunes. This will take a day or so as I have to check a few things first. Hopefully, that will work and the issue will be sorted. In the case that it doesn't solve the issue, I need to know what you plan to do. For my part I will satisfy you that you have not been hoodwinked by sending proof that the app does not load, that other apps do (hopefully!) load and that I purchased this app last Friday. I am most concerned that your attitude is "well, the app is fine, so it must be the device itself", and you then start saying "well, now try this to your iPad and see if that works." Presumably you have a reference number for this test case and an email address where I can write to get a refund, presumably at your company (this forum is the only link on the iTunes page for the Football Manager app). I do not think I am being unreasonable. I understand where you are coming from as a developer. I hope you can understand my position as a consumer too.
  4. Game crashes every time

    just to repeat. I will update to to the latest OS. I have reasons not to, but will do so if you are convinced this will resolve my problem. However, I do not want this to be the first of many "well, that did not work, now try this with your iPad too." I have had a similar experience on my Mac with the technical guys at Apple and it just screwed up my whole system after making all the alterations that they wanted.
  5. Game crashes every time

    I am sorry, but you have shifted your position here. You are now saying "it is very likely your current OS install which is causing the problem" whereas before it was just an avenue that you wished to explore. If that is your best advice then I will update to the latest OS. You are the experts. If you can assure me that I will be refunded if this suggestion does not work, then I will try updating. There is no way I want to start meddling with my iPad's settings for weeks on end in the hope that this will be resolved. That is the situation which I am trying to avoid. As I say, no other apps are giving me problems, which from my perspective suggests the iPad is fine. But if you are saying otherwise with strong conviction, then I will follow that advice.
  6. Game crashes every time

    I just saw your later reply. I have strong reasons for not wishing to upgrade and I do not wish to go down that road as I know that this will then descend into you trying to convince me why I am wrong in believing that my device is best suited to its current OS. None of the other apps/movies are giving me problems in this way and I am more than content with how the iPad operates. I see no reason why I should have to explain myself. The app should work on my iPad's OS but it does not. If other apps were giving me similar problems then I might agree, but they are not. I will gladly send a short video of the app crashing on launch along with the receipt of purchase from iTunes Japan last Friday.
  7. Game crashes every time

    are there no codes etc from the iPad which I can locate and send you to aid your investigation? I have no other problems with any other apps/movies etc on my iPad and see no reason to change its settings. I have poof of purchase and I can send a video screenshot if absolutely necessary to prove that it crashes in the way I described. I would be grateful for a swift decision on how you wish to proceed with this as it is consuming a lot of my time.
  8. Game crashes every time

    Hi Marc, the OS which I use is irrelevant. If I have to update then I repeat I was misled by the Itunes website. This is an original iPad purchased on the very first day of release in Japan, in May 2010, I think. The OS which I used now and last week is 4.2.1. I hope this helps.
  9. Game crashes every time

    Like you, I enjoy the game. I have played the full Mac version for a few years. Again, the OS which I use is irrelevant to this as I bought the game in good faith that it would work on the version that I have. If I have to update, then the information on the iTunes website is incorrect and I would not have purchased it in the first place. Sorry if thi sounds awkward, I am not trying to be. But I do have consumer rights too.
  10. Game crashes every time

    Hi Dec9693 I have already answered this question. Please read the messages. Are you part of the technical team too?
  11. Game crashes every time

    I'll reply to you both. Firstly, I have only ever had one problem with another app, and it was an issue with the app itself, not my device. The Arsenal FC app had a problem which affected thousands of iPad users, not just mine. Let me repeat: none of the other apps on my device crash. Secondly, the OS I choose to use is my business. I take on board your advice, but it has nothing to do with fixing this game. If you feel that it cannot be fixed (which is the suggestion) then I would appreciate your advice about a refund. I am not happy about this app being on my device because of fears about its problem spreading. Finally, I appreciate all your help and the tone of this message should not detract from that.
  12. Game crashes every time

    Sorry, I don't want to do this. The game should be fine with this version.
  13. Game crashes every time

    Hi Atari, No, it is unmodified since purchased on the first day of release in Japan, two years ago.
  14. Game crashes every time

    1) I have never got past the second title screen. I get the SI logo screen, then the league credits, but then it crashes every time, same place. So I cannot actually select a language for the game, just my default Japanese iPad language setting. 2) the free memory. On the iTunes it says 1.58 GB Thanks for the help.
  15. Game crashes every time

    Hi Marc, thanks. As long as I know you are dealing with it - which you clearly are - I will leave it in your capable hands. I have had a similar problem once before with, coincidentally, another soccer-related app, the Arsenal FC iphone app. Very occasionally, other apps cut out suddenly when in use, but I suspect that is memory-related.