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  1. Hi guys, I´m having a problem with relegation rules in Argentinian First Division. If I change to advanced rules, without changing any values at all (leaving it as default), and test the league, it gives me a relegation error saying "promoted and relegated teams do not match up for Argentine Premier Division (0 relegated) and Argentine Second Division (3 promoted) (extra teams required = 0) subir foto I tried several times, changing values, everything but I have to say that it is imposible to make it work. Argentina has opening/closing stages and the relegation is determined by the average points system. Last 3s teams, in the average points table relegates. Now, if you see the stages configuration, both of them (first stage and final stage) ha, in relegation rules, set to 0 the number of relegation places. It seems logical, no teams relegates directly from that stage. But I think the editor doesn't recognize the average points configuration as relegation places and that's why it keeps saying that they don't match up. I tried changing values, eliminating the relegation rules, and the only way it passed the test was putting 3 in "relegation places" but then in-game it messed up the relegations, because relegates last 3 teams from the competition table and last 3 from average points table!! Here the first stage configuration = 0 relegation places, max 3, min 3 subir gif Here the closing stage configuration, it says 0 relegation places, and why min 2 and max 4 places? subir imagen Also, I cannot understand why the upper position and lower position set in fate actions (in the average points window) is set as 17 and 19 respectively, if the las 3 relegates (18th, 19th and 20th) imagen jpg So, I cannot make it work and without this is imposible to edit any advanced rules for Argentinian Competitions! I´ll apreciate any contribution to solve this!! thanks!
  2. I have the same issue trying to configure Argentina Lower Divisions. The wierd thing is that without changing anything, if I try the original rules as Advanced it gave me the same error. Argentina first división relegates 3 teams by Average Points method. Relegation places are set to 0, and min/max are set to 3 by default. I tryied setting relegation places to 3 and passed the test but in-game the relegations messed up (6 teams relegates) So if I have the relegation determined by average points, it seem logical to set relegation places to 0 but the editor dont recognize the 3 relegations places by average points (or in your case, by a overall table) Just try to edit argentinian rules on advance rules and see what happend...
  3. That Clubs can make offers to players owned by Agents - Third Parties and buy them 100% or certain %.
  4. Feels that some tweaks improved the ME since last patch, player don´t run so often like before, but some speedy ones, stills runs a lot. And crossings/corners were improved too. The main things I feel that matters to improve are: -long shots aren´t so often but they still shoot anywhere, and some times without power. -keepers stills makes some silly mistakes (a have 2 GK´s own goals in to consecutive games) -Sometimes same team players crash/hit themselves. -No through balls at all!! this is really anoying, players pass and pass and always direct to the feet and rarely killer through balls. I think players do not run foward so often as well -Many goal oportunities wasted (and I have a good attacker) -Players runs a lot sideways and keeps the ball to much time in their feet, defenders goes and robs the ball easily (generally with midfielders) -bad/inferior teams keeps the ball touching and touching for several minutes and pressing isn´t effective. -sometimes ball curls a lot! irreal -Constant goals canceled because of fouls for charging the GK This are my impressions, I really appreciate your effort SI to improve the game and hearing our feedback!
  5. Why the ball stills curls like a super "banana" shot? C´on guys! you did´t see that on the release version? or maybe is the "tactic"... that stills happends Too many shot, and long shots aiming anywhere. Many crossing going behind the goal! maybe a player could make a mistake and cross the ball badly behind the goal, but that is not something frecuent! they are proffesional players for god sake! Agree with other impressions, crazy dribbles, too many shots, difficult to make through balls.... Seriously, with 20 years developing this game... why always having problems with ME!!!
  6. Add an option that allows to configures the relegation system like the argentinian one, with average points of the last 3 seasons.
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