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  1. @krlenjushka hi. Do you have any idea what it is this error message? This is a division with 4 groups that qualifies to a 8 team final league round to get promotion. I´d set a hidden stage as I did every year.
  2. I got this error message but is a question?! I've created a group league with a hidden stage, as every year, but this error message isn't clear... Any idea?
  3. here. check sixth division - liga provincial de buenos aires as first. There are a couple of those that gave me the problem but this is the first that appears in the error message. There none of the rules checked beacuse I've changed this options and didn't checked the others, but everything is working OK from first to fifth division. Thanks bro, always giving a hand to us. Bacoestructura Argentina 2018 v18.7.fmf
  4. I tried that and the problem persist... the "top" and "bottom" teams set to 0 you think is alright? I tried using 1 also but nothing happened as well. Or any way to do it with the "TOP PLAYOFF RULES" without skipping the promoted teams?
  5. I'm trying to configure a regional league from Argentina and it's weird because in some other regional divisions worked and in another, not. What i'm trying to do is simple: - A group league with 4 groups - Top 3 teams promotes to next division, from each group - Top team from each group plays a playoff to get the champion. I get the top 3 teams promoted, that's easy : But when I configure the QUALIFICATION RULES, I can't find what I'm doing wrong I use Top/Bottom position (number of top places doesn't work fine) and set 0 (I also tried 1) Next stage and sub stage is OK, and Index 1 Also in stage 1 i've configured the "teams" tab And I've tried several convinations and nothing I always get this:
  6. I solved it and came to tell the good news and you did it first hehe. Look @krlenjushka as he said the way is adding history record to stage Thanks @TH3 K1LL3R
  7. Why the problem is team ranking? I don't see the use of that in history recording... can you explain to me that? Y need to set the champion to the competition. The champion is decided in stage 1 but if I'm not wrong you need to set the fate to stage 0. I tried using a hidden stage but I get the error "league not finishing in time"
  8. I tried differents ways but nothing happened. When champion is set in another stage (1,2,3 etc) the game doesn´t recognize the champion in the history registy
  9. yes i´ve tried that but not thinking that could make a difference. Please! Take a look of the archive if you have time. The archive is in spanish, if you change to english the divisions arne named "Interior A, B or C" plus Copa Argentina. I simulated til 2024 and everything works fine, maybe I need to do some minor modifications, but with this the structure will be complete! Bacoestructura Argentina 2018 v18.4.fmf
  10. @krlenjushka hi, do you have any advice for this? thnks!
  11. I did the argentinian structure and there are severals competitions with groups stage. So to get a champion out of the groups stage I made simple a playoff cup. Everything works fine but the final winner never gets registered as champion. I put the fate actions, final stage, winner, set as champion but not working. Any suggestions?
  12. I get the same error with FM18 and I'm not edititng any sub 20s leagues... maybe it's hardcoded but I can't pass through it Any idea?
  13. Not working. Same thing. The second season (2017) a team from Third division - Federal A changes to Third Division - B Metropolitana without any sense. And what I found is that it only happened on 2017... second season. And there´s no reason, it changes a team ramdomly... not a promoted team or a relegated one EDIT: This one is from the other division... I simulated in the editor, but same thing happens if I simulate in game
  14. I think I´ve ticked that, let me see! EDIT: I´ve ticked the other one "keep teams in same region" I thought use regional divisions to organize teams was to organize the teams from a division into regions, but you might be right! I´ll try that Thanks
  15. Here bro. Thanks! Estructura Argentina - 5 niveles BETA 17.3 v0.6.fmf
  16. Good! Now I made it. It´s working. With some issues that i will be fixing if possible, but working. I´m having a problem with some teams that goes to the wrong division from one year to other. I can´t find the issue, maybe you could help me with this. Third division is always a pain in the *ss. It has a 2 regional sub divisions B Metropolitana and Federal A. This division receives teams from second division (and they could be from anyone of this 2 division.) - So, one year could relegate 4 from B Metropolitana, and None from Federal A, or any combination within this 2, because in Second division all teams merges. That's why I set number of team in this both division to Min:12 Max:50, beacuse they change every year. However, in the 2nd or 3rd season I always find a team from FEDERAL A playing at B METROPOLITANA. When I check, this team isn´t one of the promoted or relegated. RANDOMLY one of the teams from one region chanced to the other region. I already set the min/max teams. I set every regional division to each team individually Every league has they promotion/relegation upper/lower subdivision properly Why this could happend?
  17. Sorry bro... haha I did what you said and also find another post asking the same thing, unticking fixtures, recors, etc... I did all that and I´m getting "editor 2017 sopped workin" s**t! haha No matter what I do, this isn´t working... I´ll keep trying
  18. Right, thanks I didn't realize that! I make it worked, in part... Now I'm getting this weird problem. I can select teams from 1 of the 2 subdivisions at each lower divisions... All the "metropolitan leagues" seems to be active, and all the "federal leagues" seems to be inactive. But if I start a game, all the federal divisions shows OK, with their structure and fixtures! Just take a look of this: Every division is verified with the editor. The structure is First and Second Division - Normal // Third to Fifth with 2 subdivisions each 3rd (Primera B Metropolitana - Federal A) - 4th (Primera C Metropolitana - Federal B) - 5th (Primera D Metropolitana - Federal C) Now when I play the game, this is what i find - I can´t selec any of the Torneo Federal team´s - Nor A, B o C, but I can select the Metropolitan subdivision teams... Then I start the game unemployed, and I find that I can apply for jobs at Federal A, B or C teams... and those leages are perfectly set and working... Something I found wrong is this. The number of teams that the structure is showing and this part. Any idea?!
  19. I cant´t validate so can´t test in game... I´ve changed the system, and it´s impossible, always the same error. I tried doing a 3 stage system, 8 groups, 1st ones qualifies to a 2 group of 4 teams. Then I set, 1st and 2nd from eacho group promotes - and the 1st from each group plays a final match to set who is the champion. Well, the editor doesn't recognize the qualified teams to the final match, saying - "no teams found in stage 2" I have a preety good use of the advanced editor and this is the first year I get so many weird error messages. I´m giving up trying it appears to be broken, really.
  20. Hi, I´m having problems with the editor and don't know why I cannot make to work a simple promotion from one child comp to another. The editor doesn't recognize promotions from one to another specific division. Maybe I'm missing something but i'm pretty sure everything is OK. Take a look: 8 groups, 1st from each group qualifies to a reduced 8 teams league. Top 4 promotes. I put this simple settings at league settings But after I test I've receive the promotion / relegation teams error message. When I chek the league I see: No promotions, but rules and test doesn´t say the same thing And in the simulation, teams have the promoted fate Any idea??
  21. I´ve managed to pass this error massages changing the edition mode at each division but after that i´ve get another error massages or problems with promotions... this editor is really broken unfortunately
  22. Maybe you should change the type of edited rules. Using combined with rules in code instead of overrides rules in code
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