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  1. I want to be Brentford and am trying to delete their youth team so they only have reserves like in real life. But nothing I try on the editor works in the game, they still have an u18 squad full of fake players. Is it hardcoded into the game that every team must have a u18 squad or something? Or can I do something on the pre-game editor to make it so I only have a senior squad and a youth team? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers lads.
  2. Delete if not allowed. Can someone point me to a logo pack with the new Brentford logo? Or whisk one up for me if it doesn't take too much time. Cheers.
  3. It's pretty much impossible because of the poor pressing nature in FM
  4. Be even better if wingers would actually hug the touchline when in possession as well.
  5. Brilliant thread Ozil. Out of interest what's the goal output from both your wingers? Do you see them get on the end of through balls often and get shots away?
  6. Sounds interesting, may have a go. Hopefully the wingers can replicate Vargas's role with Chile or Villa's role with Barca.
  7. Fairly interesting setup there. Whats the goal output like from your two wide players?
  8. Yeah. I think the main thing is an input of money to get banks to lend for a new stadium.
  9. Cheers pal, didn't know much about it so thought would ask. I'll have a bit of a read and adjust accordingly.
  10. Anyone have any ideas on how to implement Everton's new investment? Obviously using the editor, what changes to the finances/resources should be added?
  11. Does the SS get forward and press the centre backs adequately enough? Whats the interplay like between that front 3 as well?
  12. Haven't really had a chance to play. But I'll be experimenting with some roles today. First thoughts are positioning them in the wide strata and giving much creative freedom and free movement. Valdivia will be used as a F9 to start with.
  13. Whats the split like with your 2 CBs because thats also been a persistent problem with the libero? After seeing your Prozone analysis, I may have to give it a go. It could be a decent way in replicating some of Alaba's movement albeit through the middle.
  14. Throughout Sampaoli's reign with Chile, he has employed wide pacey forwards either side of a mobile false 9 in Valvdivia. Key characteristics: -Positioning between full backs and centre backs -Sanchez especially involved in build up play I'll update this thread in the coming days where I try to recreate this front 3 but would love to hear if anyone has been able to achieve their movements? Strikers could be an option but ideally I'd like to use strikers.
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