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  1. If Japan end up winning their group I think you have to aim for 2nd
  2. You seem to have this general vibe that everyone is against you when we are pretty happy at you having a good tournament for once and actually being able to enjoy a Summer with some actual home interest. Just strange you still have this vendetta against England still instead of appreciating us for nurturing all your players and getting them ready for this run. Imagine if Bale didn't have the English academies. A bit of respect would be nice. The Hal Robson-Kanu example I used was wrong but it's not like you are the equal of any side in Europe by Germany still because you have reached a semi final is it.
  3. Chopra I don't know why you think all of England seems to hate you, we are all happy for our little brother to have their summer in the sun. Sort of like when Michael Schumacher celebrated Ralf beating him once or twice. Nice to see all these players we produced and let play at a professional level in our leagues make the step up too.
  4. Well yeah obviously, has nothing to do with the point I made though does it.
  5. Wales deserve tonnes of credit but the comments in here were still wrong, will go further in the tournament than Spain and possibly Italy but it doesn't mean they would have beat them (or not lost) if they were in that half of the draw. That was the comment that really kicked off this thread.
  6. Proud of our 3 born and bred English scorers
  7. People seem to find it weird that the one natural(ish) wide player in the squad who is the only person to try and people on loses the ball more than Rooney who just smashes it 30 yards to a full back and Lallana passing it to the man next to him all game. Although I saw a stat that Alli lost the ball more than any player at the tournament and his criticism has been pretty quiet. Sure Rashford looked encouraging off the bench a couple of times, but lets see how he deals with the spotlight in a couple of years and some bad runs of form. Remember Sterling and Barkley were seen the same as Rashford at his age. Again, for this terrible season he got 11 goals all comps from out wide... It really shows how short peoples memories are that they can only remember the games at the end of the season when he was coming back from injury.
  8. Nah, it's because he is camp as well as those.
  9. So would Gary Neville and his career has gone great so far. Remember making a joke about people really wanting Neville after WC14 saying lets get Danny Murphy in whilst we're at it as he sounded good on MOTD and has as much experience, and people were having a go at me. Now they actually want Shearer for being angry on a highlights show .
  10. If we are going English which I think despite the lack of candidates we should do really, it has to be Big Sam he'd be the most tactically astute and most respected and probably most no-nonsense. Still think we should give English coaches chances and this is about as big a job as they can get tbh. If we went foreign though I'd take Rafa.
  11. Oh dear, hard to brag our tournament performance has made us suicidal and yet we were still able to put the second best team in Europe in their place.
  12. Well Kane seems to be made loads of excuses made for him in the media and after the Wales game it was he wasn't getting the service but yeah I'd say it's the opposite and he just made no runs and was an absolutely dreadful outlet throughout. Must have created so many more chances with Vardy on the pitch than Kane in the second half against Wales and the Slovakia game.
  13. The same people saying we should go for a more cohesive team are the same people who were calling Henderson **** whilst making us a more balanced faster moving midfield and wanting Sterling subbed off when he was our only outlet last night to stick on a 3rd striker.
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