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  1. Fun race, just at the back couldn't really do much after the safety car restarts with the Williams engine, Monty breezing past me in the run up to 130R was hilariously easy. Still, was some fun enough battles. Knew the one thing I kind of had to do tonight was avoid time penalties for a chance of some points and picked up 3 seconds annoyingly still
  2. Probably out Wednesday, Suzuka one of my worst tracks so there is just no point in a Williams as I'm pretty sure my results here in the record will show I'm ****ing average so it would just be a waste of an evening. I'll try the Williams for Australia where I generally fare reasonably well. If no one takes it, I might have a nose and see if it's a wet race when quali starts and jump in...
  3. Wp Montster Bit rubbish tonight really, just avoided shambles at T1 and the rest of lap 1 and just basically strolled around on my own to get a point, from qualifying it seems I'm quite clearly the slowest in this configuration of cars, and I've got the Williams to look forward to next which seems a bit of a waste of time all round. Not sure anyone has really ever seen me race and thought I should be in a Williams
  4. There seemed to be some issues with my driving after the safety car, but I do absolutely nothing wrong throughout. Absolutely no idea what Hags was doing though? Seems like he's intentionally slowing down accelerating after the hairpin to try and **** me over, and if he's not I don't know what he's doing on fresh softs. Then Beckford seemed to think I smash him off but it's pretty much perfectly precise and the absolute slightest touch. Overtake of the year contender if he doesn't whizz right back past my Alfa Romeo on the straight after.
  5. If a shagger wants my place later go for it, if there are spaces left I might turn up last minute but not too bothered so I'll go end of the reserve list
  6. Planning to be in, but not 100% depends when the Super Bowl drinking starts
  7. Nothing much of interest other than you overtaking half the grid after the SC comes out you scum
  8. Don't know what you lot in **** cars have been moaning about all season
  9. I mean if not everything else in that clip was quite as tragic, Port doing Tony into Eau Rouge would be an overtake of the year contender.
  10. I mean, he thought he was going to cruise to a win in Bahrain...
  11. How has Jehrome got 1 point Wasn't the whole point of the new stewarding to heavily penalise and stop people getting hit behind a safety car? Stops me having a chance of winning, would have probably SENT one on Stefarno if I didn't have a pen. Who cares how light the touch is, he hits me.
  12. China and France as a final 2 are begging to be cut at least. A Monaco finale with Championship implications would be great too.
  13. I know penalties haven't been taken away in the past, but Jeh literally hit me behind the safety car, didn't get a penalty himself for it and finished above me because of it At least knock me above him ffs https://clips.twitch.tv/LongQuaintBobaPunchTrees
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