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  1. I appreciate Arsenal aren't quite a power-house anymore, however I'm having major issues I assume tactically. The problem I'm having is consistent against all opposition I go against, regardless of any tweaks I give, or how low or high my defensive line is. An opposition player will literally run through my entire defense, who do not seem to even acknowledge that we don't have the ball, and score. Alternatively a midfield player or wide player from deep will launch a long ball for their striker to run onto with no difficulty, to score a one on one. That second problem I'll admit I have also benefited from on occasion. What can I do to stop this? The example I'm giving here is my lastest game (and my last straw) against Man City where all three goals were Aguero running clear with a 1v1 against my keeper, but I get this at least 2 or 3 times every game. I've been sacked as a result. *Help* basically. This is my current tactic. I'm not great at tactics so any advice is welcome. This is where Aguero picks the ball up, after a corner, I have three players at the centre circle in defense. They literally just run past him, not even trying to close him down, then are just chasing him and he scores an easy 1v1. How do I combat this? .
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