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  1. Same issue here after installing it to five PCs (PC and laptop at work, PC and two laptops at home). Last year FM16 had been installed in as many as 8 (eight) of my family's PCs or virtual machines (yes, I've got plenty and I want to have FM and most of my Steam games readily available in all of them, so sue me) but I didn't have any such issues. I presume this error was caused by multiple validations performed within a short period of time (something like 5 validations within 5 hours or so, it was the last of them that failed). I understand it's not really SI's fault but still... (well, perhaps they could switch to a less intrusive DRM than notorious and hated-by-all Denuvo). I'll try again tonight when the said 24-hour limits expires and hopefully it'll go away. Otherwise I'll first ask for a refund and then join the movement of all those who've started boycotting games with Denuvo protection. In the end they'll win like they did with SecuROM and all the similar offending DRMs.
  2. I'm having the same problem myself, after installing the game in my 4-5 PCs and laptops. I'm not using family sharing, it's the same Steam account everywhere. The game did initially work in most PCs but at some point of time when I tried to validate the game in the last machine, it started throwing this error. Any clues? https://support.codefusion.technology/fm2017/?e=88500006&t=DN0100000003&l=english keeps repeating that Denuvo error. Is this a matter of multiple validations within a day?
  3. Nothing is highlighted for this role. As herne79 says the consensus is that Sports Scientists require high Fitness and they affect the players' jadedness. On the other hand I'd presume a Head of Sports Science should require both Fitness and Man Management.
  4. Same issue here for FM16. I copied over all files except pitch.sia (it'd crash otherwise) and the pitch is always the same (nevermind if it's raining or not, if I'm playing in a 80,000 seats stadium or in a 500 seats barley field). Had to roll back to the original turfs as I haven't found anything better yet (there's also Fez's turfs which work for FM16 but they were too bright and saturated for my taste, it was as if playing in a turf painted green).
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