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  1. Maybe for you that you've that image on your cache, but not for anyone else We can still click on it though.
  2. If you could remove the national teams this would be quite a good database. But it's a pitty you're playing the playoffs of the regional league and half of your team is away due to international matches
  3. Got to try it! Good job man By the way, just in case this happens to someone else. Chrome said the file wasn't safe, but it's actually safe according to virustotal -which is a reliable system- https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c9ad07d8f5db375ffbb73456509898ff002a6fe7e5189308e85cbc8d08c4ae63/analysis/
  4. Oh, please, I would be grateful! I just don't like the way 4shared do things and don't want to register to their site or give them more money. Sent you an mp.
  5. Holy **** man! As someone who was born and raised in Portugalete this is ****ing gold Eskerrik asko!
  6. Oh, ok I guess I'll need to delete the club and create another one. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Hi, as some of you may know, Athletic Club is allowed to play only with people from the Basque Country so in the FM you're not allowed to sing someone who is not from there. Well, that's actually false, I mean, it's not the true philosphy we actually follow. Athletic is allowed to play with any people from the Basque Country or raised on any club from the Basque Country as a junior player (don't know if that's the correct term in english). So what I'm asking here it's if there's any way to change this, I want to have a savegame with Athletic but I want to follow the actual philosophy but I can
  8. Nope. I opened it with the editor and when I'm trying to verify everything it returns an error with the community shield.
  9. This isn't working for me I can't select how many leagues I would like to play and then the game only load the first 2 divisions.
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