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  1. Many many thanks (it was Groupon that randomly linked to the site today). I will now wrestle with my conscience for the rest of the day...
  2. Does anyone purchase refurbed laptops and are they to be trusted or are they a bit of a false economy? If so is this one any good: http://www.crs-uk.biz/refurbished-hp-elitebook-8460p-core-i5-2-5ghz-8gb-ram-1tb-hdd-webcam-windows-8-1.html#.Vh9rzSubpKk I'm not in need of the latest spec as I really want to get into FM14/15 with only a few divisions and minimal graphics requirements - just struggling to justify spending £500 on something where the majority of use would just be FM.... Thanks
  3. Hi Eugene, Apologies for singling you out on this thread but you seem to be the man in the know. I haven't progressed beyond FM12 due to laptop capabilities and have decided its time to rectify that and invest in a new one. My only real requirements from a laptop are a bit of FM longevity, a bit of Minecraft for my lad and casual browsing. I tend to play 8 divisions on commentary mode so my graphics requirements aren't huge, although I realise there is probably a graphics card spec I need to observe to play minecraft. I've been following this thread for weeks to try and get my head around things and have taken note of the two following laptops that you've recommended: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/CB-CZ5840-1010SR-Cube-Chameleon-CZ-5840_1811159.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/CB-CZ5840-644ES-Cube-Chameleon-CZ-5840_1778472.html Now £100 is obviously a significant amount so I was just wondering what the main differences would be between the two laptops for the requirements I’ve mentioned above given the processors appear to be the same. Many thanks.
  4. FM05 and FM06 were fantastic games. For an on-off gamer like myself they were the right blend of detail and "click-click-play-click-click-play". I've got back into FM recently and with my laptop not being able to run FM13 or 14 and having had great success with FM12 I decided to go back to FM06 but I couldn't find my disc, just an empty box! As such I got my copy of FM09 and to my joy (and surprise) I don't think I ever played it, I think I bought it, couldn't run it on an old laptop so stuck with FM08 until I got a new laptop for FM10. So now I'm 18 months into an FM09 save game and loving it, just a shame a lot of the tactic stuff for FM09 is lost to dead links.
  5. I'm not playing FM14 but just wanted to wade in as a Doncaster fan and wish you congratulations on what appears to be an amazing tactic. From seeing Theo Robinson and Kyle Bennett in the flesh if you've got promotion from the championship with those two in starring roles then I can say this must be as close to a diablo as FM14 can get!
  6. Morning all, For reasons I won't bore you with I'm starting life with FM09 at the moment. I've read the thread which names the best tactics/theories for FM09 but sadly all but a couple of the download links are dead. Does anyone on here have any 442/4231 tactics that suit a relegation-tipped side? Appreciate I'm asking a lot but any help would be great. Thanks
  7. Ah ok, cheers for that. I was wondering if it was a £500 laptop for £350 or a £350 laptop that had been ripping people off when priced at £500 - seems the latter sadly!
  8. Wow, that looks a good deal to my relatively untrained eye. I've been wanting a new laptop for FM14 as mine could barely cope with FM13 but couldn't justify spending £500. Can anyone verify if this is a good deal or not? The graphics thing isn't really an issue for me as I tend to stick with commentary...
  9. Thanks, I'd tried that but get an error message when trying to install it: An internal system error occurred. Please refer to DXError.log and DirectX.long in your Windows folder to determine problem.
  10. Hi, after a while on FM13 I wanted to reload an old FM12 save game and continue it but when I go to open FM12 I get a steam error message that says I do not have the latest DirectX installed. Due to some issues with Steam I had recently had to re-install it so don't know if its related to that... I'm really struggling to remedy this or find a way to install/uninstall/re-install Direct X. Any advice appreciated...
  11. Whilst I'll admit I've had more success in FM12 than 07/08/09 put together sometimes I think people should be careful what they wish for. Taking the dubious claims of the OP as genuine lets think about "real" football. Manchester Utd were the dominant force in English football from 98-2003. Then Chelsea came along. Thanks to a billionaire. Then Man City came along. Thanks to a billionaire. Great managers like Redknapp, Wenger and Benitez have had very little Premiership success in the last 8 years and these guys are better managers than us - are we saying we want the game to be SO realistic that you can't win the league with a lesser team unless a billionaire comes along? Isn't there still supposed to be a fun value to it? There's certainly a balance to be had (IMO long term saves get too easy) but I think there'd be far more complaints on here if it leant more towards the unbreakable "big 2/3/4's" that we see in a lot of european leagues.
  12. Apologies for asking something so specific on here but I've done searches on here and the genie forum. On previous versions of the game/scout I used to be able to export my players as a csv and open in excel. Whilst I can still do that with Genie12 when I open the export the two key variables for me - CA and PA appear to be missing despite the fact I was viewing them in Genie. I've tried looking through options to see if I can fix this but having no joy. Has anyone ecountered (and fixed) this problem? Thanks in advance.
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