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  1. Many many thanks (it was Groupon that randomly linked to the site today). I will now wrestle with my conscience for the rest of the day...
  2. Does anyone purchase refurbed laptops and are they to be trusted or are they a bit of a false economy? If so is this one any good: I'm not in need of the latest spec as I really want to get into FM14/15 with only a few divisions and minimal graphics requirements - just struggling to justify spending £500 on something where the majority of use would just be FM.... Thanks
  3. I see - many thanks for your reply!
  4. Hi Eugene, Apologies for singling you out on this thread but you seem to be the man in the know. I haven't progressed beyond FM12 due to laptop capabilities and have decided its time to rectify that and invest in a new one. My only real requirements from a laptop are a bit of FM longevity, a bit of Minecraft for my lad and casual browsing. I tend to play 8 divisions on commentary mode so my graphics requirements aren't huge, although I realise there is probably a graphics card spec I need to observe to play minecraft. I've been following this thread for weeks to try and get my head around things and have taken note of the two following laptops that you've recommended: Now £100 is obviously a significant amount so I was just wondering what the main differences would be between the two laptops for the requirements I’ve mentioned above given the processors appear to be the same. Many thanks.