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  1. I just think it's time for Wenger to go. I do not believe he's capable to get the right A-quality players with the money that's going to be available. (Giroud, per, monreal, podolski, gervinho etc etc). All we have done is downgraded our team over the past few years. It's been the same problem for years now!!! But I don't believe he will go so I just hope he will prove me wrong in the summer and get A-quality players. (Defence, still need a replacement for Gilberto Silva and a worldclass PROVEN (and I mean for years so no Giroud signing) striker. And some of the players are not bad, but they are not the likes we need as a topclub. If you are going to buy, buy players that will add a lot more quality or just keep the money. Stop wasting money/wages.
  2. -ruudvanwarren, are there many goals from corners? Could you upload a screenshot? And how is the amc playing?