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  1. You may also have to press ‘reload skin’ a few times until the correct colour shows up.
  2. If you look through the bug forums, a lot of issues are still being looked at, so don't give up just yet, even though we have traditionally been used to a March patch as the final date to fix issues.
  3. Do people feel that there is any point to hiring data analysts for the U23s and U18s? Will their performances improve in any way?
  4. Well, some people will focus only on the shots on goal statistic, which doesn't fully illustrate the issue here. I dare say that they seem to aim for the corner flag more often than their real life counterparts, even though the shots on goal ratio might be better. Someone with more pedagogical patience than me can probably explain the difference between a shot just outside the goal and a shot that almost hits the corner flag.
  5. Nothing has been done yet, the development is still in alpha stage.
  6. Has anyone here got an idea whether there is a set limit to the growth of an individual attribute? Let's say I have a youngster with a tackle attribute of 4 that would otherwise be a good BWM, are there any limits other than PA to stop him from getting something like 15-20 in tackling if I was to train him intensively on tackling for five years? And could for example a young striker with only 7 or something in finishing get up to near 20 over many years if his PA makes room for it?
  7. Going through the "front page" of each club in Championship, League One and League Two a few years into the future, it appears that every club except for two (Bristol City and Tranmere) has a manager (if newgen), captain and vice-captain that share the excact same skin tone. It may be a coincidence, but that is 70 clubs. The other players at those clubs have the "normal" variation of skin color.
  8. I don't think it was that kind of black they meant, and I don't think the skin color issue was mentioned even though they have had several threads about it in the bugs forum. Guess they'll outsource the face modelling to another company for the next game if they can't find it out for four months.
  9. Hello I have experienced a little graphical issue during matches a few times when running on windowed mode on my iMac 27" retina (late 2015) If manually resize the window mid-match (clicking and pulling the window to a smaller/bigger size), the kits on both teams turn blue for the rest of the match. This has happened regardless of saves or skins, as I have tried w/without skins and on different saves. The issue only appears to last for the duration of the match, and everything will appear to be in order next time I enter a match. The issue will of course be replicated if I choose to manually resize the window again.
  10. Disregard this, the Nigerian is white again. Why would I expect this to be fixed?
  11. Did the board give any specific club philosophies you have to follow?
  12. Wow. My Nigerian striker now has the skin color one would expect.
  13. I think it will be out today despite some snow.