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  1. Having the best available physios and sports scientists, as well as good training facilities and a good pitch condition hopefully decreases the frequency and severity of injuries.
  2. I was actually hoping for a "hard Brexit" to give myself an interesting challenge. Hopefully this will happen when i play my next save.
  3. Only had a message that Great Britain would be leaving the European Union, but with no changes to the work permit system and no restrictions on EU players, so more or less a cosmetic Brexit.
  4. Hello I noticed that Jo Tong-Sop is still listed as the manager of North Koreas national team. However, as of may 2016, the Norwegian Jørn Andersen is the manager of North Korea's national team. Source:ørn_Andersen
  5. 13 out of 20 . Good enough, considering that CM 2 was my first CM game
  6. Training for a new position in FM16 I have recently attempted to retrain several of my youth prospects, who are for the most part wingers, to a striker or fullback position, where they have delivered some good ratings in their matches. However, as their retraining for the position somehow seemed to halt, I took a sneak peek into the editor, and discovered that all five of them had halted at 12 out of 20 for that position for a year or so. Is there a way of furthering the development for their new position, or are players limited to gain more than 11 points for an unfamiliar position by the game?
  7. Yup. Only had a save made after the planning had started, but nevertheless two years prior to the finishing of the building. Uploaded as "LCFC community guide".
  8. As Leicester City in 2030, I have been waiting for a few years while a new 66393 seater stadium has been built, and was looking forward to owning a stadium which could potentially become even larger. However, the news item on the day we relocated to the new stadium stated that the stadium's expansion capacity was 65 000. Why would an expansion capacity entail fewer seats than it's current size?
  9. If I remember correctly from a guide about CM 01/02, the positioning attribute was important for strikers that were hanging around the defensive line looking for long balls and through balls. So while the off the ball attribute was useful for some of the player's positioning, one also had to take positioning into account. Don't know if this was actually true or not, but you could compare the offside stats of players with high and low positioning attributes. To exploit this, I usually instructed a player like Tony Cottee to hang around the opposition's back line, and more often than not, he would position himself wisely enough to beat the offside trap.
  10. When talking to a player about tutoring, does the two dialogue options " to improve his game" or "...take him under your wing and tutor him off the pitch" focus on different attributes, or is the option merely cosmetic?
  11. Thanks, seems logical. I guess the "hold up ball"-instruction could be my main culprit, but waiting for support when you are alone with the goalkeeper, and letting the defense regroup seems to be a trend here.
  12. I often see very fast players slowing down dramatically as soon as they receive the ball. Is there a specific attribute or preferred move related to this that can be trained? This dramatic slowness with the ball hinders fast strikers like Vardy to outrun slow defenders, as he seemingly does with ease in real life.
  13. I am considering writing a Leicester City guide, but can't promise anything. At the moment, I am going through some opinions on the players, but have realized that it takes quite a lot of time and effort to make a decent guide. Having written around 3 A4 pages, I am currently writing on the defenders. I have to see how long it takes to finish the midfielders, strikers, reserves, youth prospects and tactical suggestions. Additionally, I have no experience with the use of pictures and such.
  14. Using this with Oxford City in Conference National South. Won 26 and drawn 2 matches in the league so far, and still in the FA cup after a few lucky draws against League 1 teams. Oxford has a few overpowered players in my opinion, but I would still put most of our success down to this tactic, and possibly managing the team talks myself. At this level, delegating team talks can often lead to assistants saying the wrong things and damaging team morale, which is still a very important aspect of FM.