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  1. Libero problems

    I have only fiddled around with the Libero once (on FM17), and I experienced the same kind of behaviour. He positions like a defender when on support, and a rather deep midfielder when on attack, just like you say. It would have been an interesting role to use if it worked.
  2. I think there is a relocation to Lionel Road on 25/6/2021 hardcoded into the game. . It will not be big, as I see that they have expanded it to 24,430 in 2024, so can't tell you the exact size atm. But search for it in the editor, and you'll probably find out.
  3. United Dominance

    Pogba, Martial and Rashford are quite overrated imo, and Mourinho's attributes are also possibly so. In FM17, Arsenal seemed to be by far the strongest team over several iterations, and then Man Utd usually took over after five or so years. In my current save, Man Utd has won 4/5 Prem Leagues, and usually does so by a great margin. Man City and Chelsea are also quite high up there, and Arsenal have been going downwards over the years, and are currently 10th. This is of course only one save in a few million, so it's not necessarily good data do any fair judgments on. I guess SI see the 'big picture' through data collection, and adjusts the database around Christmas to fit better with real life.
  4. Injuries

    Strange. Personally, I am 20th in the injury table, and have a 19% decrease from the average number of injuries, and I don't even tend to rotate that much. Of course, I tend to choose the fitter of to available options, and generally only pick below 90% fit players around Christmas when the schedule is busy, or in very important matches. I haven't looked a lot on the medical center, but I tend to avoid signing injury-prone players, and have a fairly young squad, so this could be the reason why my injuries are low. If you are battling both on the national and continental front, this may of course make the schedule hectic and recovery time sparse, so are you possibly using a player 3 times a week or something with little or no time to regain full fitness?
  5. This is especially difficult to cope with if you reject what you consider to be a poor bid, and the board accept a much lower bid the day after. After some vultures had been circling over my promising newgens for two seasons, and my board accepted four poor bids after I had tried to get better bids on the table, I decided to quit. Also, whether your board decides to interfere in this way is also dependent on a hidden interference attribute, if I remember correctly.
  6. Formation Roulette Hello everyone! While a lot of the challenges here are about achieving certain goals with set league or clubs, this challenge may seem a little different. The aim Take over a random club you might not be familiar with and make them play a random formation that neither you nor the team might be familiar with. The rules Start a save in any league system. Choose the “let FM pick team” option. You now make a blind draw of one of the 53 in-game formations. I wrote all 53 out on individual post-it notes and picked one from a bowl without looking. You now have your formation. You have to keep the positions (formation) as it is, but you are allowed to make changes such as player roles, mentality, team shape and team instructions, and I, personally, try to set up variations in the three tactic slots such as a home, away or counter variant. After every finished season, you are allowed to make an optional draw, which is a risk, as you are probably on your way to adapt your team to the current formation. If you get a new job, either because you get sacked, or if you are offered a new job, you must make a new tactic draw. This hinders you from for example seeking out jobs at teams where your 4-1-3-1-1 DM Narrow would fit perfectly. The challenges There are several interesting challenges to this, and for me, it is a nice way of getting familiar with tactical systems that you aren’t familiar with, assuming you don’t pick a familiar one. Assuming you don’t pick a very rich team, you may also be forced to re-train players for new positions, which require an eye for what attributes are desirable. Playing a “forced” formation will perhaps also make you look at player roles in a new way. Some of you might even tweak the roles and instructions to your given formation to make it behave more like your preferred system. You might often end up in leagues and clubs where your formation seem hopeless at first. You risk having to use a complicated formation with a Lower league team, or may risk having to use a very defensive formation with a progressive team full of playmakers and trequartistas. The board, fans and players might hate you for not playing their favoured playing style, and some might not like playing out of position. You may have to have a huge fire sale of surplus players, as you might for example end up having to play without wide players or fullbacks at a team full of wide players and fullbacks. You may also have to apply a bit of vision and creativity here and see whether some players can fit into new roles. Could your target man be re-trained to a central defender? Can your defensive forward be re-trained to a fullback? This is of course a challenge in the making, so I would be happy to hear suggestions of more rules to the challenge.
  7. Having the best available physios and sports scientists, as well as good training facilities and a good pitch condition hopefully decreases the frequency and severity of injuries.
  8. Brexit and FM17

    I was actually hoping for a "hard Brexit" to give myself an interesting challenge. Hopefully this will happen when i play my next save.
  9. Brexit and FM17

    Only had a message that Great Britain would be leaving the European Union, but with no changes to the work permit system and no restrictions on EU players, so more or less a cosmetic Brexit.
  10. 13 out of 20 . Good enough, considering that CM 2 was my first CM game
  11. Training for a new position in FM16 I have recently attempted to retrain several of my youth prospects, who are for the most part wingers, to a striker or fullback position, where they have delivered some good ratings in their matches. However, as their retraining for the position somehow seemed to halt, I took a sneak peek into the editor, and discovered that all five of them had halted at 12 out of 20 for that position for a year or so. Is there a way of furthering the development for their new position, or are players limited to gain more than 11 points for an unfamiliar position by the game?
  12. Yup. Only had a save made after the planning had started, but nevertheless two years prior to the finishing of the building. Uploaded as "LCFC community guide".
  13. As Leicester City in 2030, I have been waiting for a few years while a new 66393 seater stadium has been built, and was looking forward to owning a stadium which could potentially become even larger. However, the news item on the day we relocated to the new stadium stated that the stadium's expansion capacity was 65 000. Why would an expansion capacity entail fewer seats than it's current size?
  14. 1 Striker, 10 Games 53 Offsides

    If I remember correctly from a guide about CM 01/02, the positioning attribute was important for strikers that were hanging around the defensive line looking for long balls and through balls. So while the off the ball attribute was useful for some of the player's positioning, one also had to take positioning into account. Don't know if this was actually true or not, but you could compare the offside stats of players with high and low positioning attributes. To exploit this, I usually instructed a player like Tony Cottee to hang around the opposition's back line, and more often than not, he would position himself wisely enough to beat the offside trap.