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  1. I have a few blue regens popping up, and reloading the skin fixes it. This reminds me a lot of the random skin changes that happened in FM17 that never got fixed.
  2. No, it has been a thing to trick people into playing as them as their amateur status is hardcoded.
  3. Yes, it does. For example, the city will have an attractiveness rating and population range that you can look up in the editor. I also thing each club's set of fans will have various attributes as to how important football is for them, etc.
  4. How was your bank balance at the end of the season?
  5. He didn't seem too familiar with it when he played a 11 Gary Nevilles vs. 11 Jamie Carraghers a week or so ago, so I wouldn't think so.
  6. Pretty sure the full version has been timelocked to that specific time a few times before. I have a vague memory of myself sitting and waiting for the clock to turn 00:01.
  7. Seeing as nations arranging the Olympics, World Cup or Euros often tend to build new - or expand and upgrade old stadiums - I have never seen stadium activity relating to this in Football Manager. Since this kind of international tournament-related stadium activity is something we often see in real life, it would be a nice touch if a few stadiums got expanded or built in the years building up to a new tournament. And as with West Ham and London Stadium, it would be a good additional touch for good candidates to relocate to new stadiums if their current status and stadium made a relocation a sensible choice.
  8. As with football players dropping in and out of form, It would be welcome for some managers to have a variable value similar to a player's morale that would be potentially set in the pre-game database to more effectively simulate how real life managers can seemingly be in or out of form, while their core attributes remain more or less the same. Real-life examples could be found at a certain Manchester-based club, where an arguably world class manager has under-performed in at least his last two jobs. As far as I know, the mood of your players will now mostly be affected by your reputation and the team's form, but an additional dimension to this would be that a manager's low or high morale could be contagious to the team dynamic as a whole. Opening up for a form or morale value to managers would add an interesting dimension to the game instead of simply changing his/her reputation and his players' morale.
  9. Could the fact that lawyers were involved imply that it has something to do with doping or random financial illegalities some time in the future (Involving only regens and fictional, new boardmembers, of course )? There are plenty of big clubs that have been relegated several divisions, and it would be interesting to see those kind of events on rare occasions.
  10. If any youngsters seem temperamental like this, the best medicine is often to arrange a series of tutoring where tutors range from from mediocre to good in successive stages.
  11. Well, not if the alternatives are deliberately false.
  12. Until we have means to read people's minds, the talk of handball being deliberate or not is not very fruitful. Most players would have the cunning to appear as to not do things in a deliberate manner, as with the usual "clipping people from behind and "look, my hands are waving about in the air, so I couldn't possibly have meant to do any harm"" gesture, or with many cases where people appear to dive.
  13. If you look through the bug forums, a lot of issues are still being looked at, so don't give up just yet, even though we have traditionally been used to a March patch as the final date to fix issues.
  14. Do people feel that there is any point to hiring data analysts for the U23s and U18s? Will their performances improve in any way?
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