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  1. FM 2012 on iPad 1

    I guess I will delete this game then seeing as you can't seem to help me, what a complete waste of money.
  2. FM 2012 on iPad 1

    my iPad is running iOS 5.0.1
  3. FM 2012 on iPad 1

    Really, I never new that, I have only had the iPad just over a year (by the way, that was sarcasm). Anyway, that made no difference whatsoever
  4. FM 2012 on iPad 1

    Yes I have tried that, it still opens upside down
  5. FM 2012 on iPad 1

    I'm not sure what you mean by turning rotation off, I had rotation locked, so I unlocked it and tried the game again and it made no difference
  6. FM 2012 on iPad 1

    well if it was, why would I have posted this as a problem?
  7. I use my iPad 1 in landscape mode with the Home button on the left hand side and every time I start the game it opens upside down, this is really annoying!!! Please can this be fixed?