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  1. 11 days, 4 hours, 36 minutes. My score is a "weak" 6/10. Huge potential but ME screwed it up big time. I've played FM since CM3 and this is actually the first time that ME got me really irritated.
  2. Would you please read my post instead of jumping to conclusions and trying to be a smart a**. I don't have any issues with Man Utd winning the games but the high scorelines that I win my games with. I have either found a killer tactic that exploits one or several flaws in the engine or the engine itself is not balanced properly. Either way it's not fun. Here are the official result from Man Utd last games 13 Jan Barclays Premier League Liverpool H 13:30 2 - 1 16 Jan FA Cup West Ham H 20:05 1 - 0 20 Jan Barclays Premier League Tottenham Hotspur A 16:00 1 - 1 26 Jan FA Cup Fulham H 17:30 4 - 1 30 Jan Barclays Premier League Southampton H 20:00 2 - 1 February 2013 02 Feb Barclays Premier League Fulham A 17:30 1 - 0 10 Feb Barclays Premier League Everton H 16:00 2 - 0 13 Feb Champions League Real Madrid A 19:45 1 - 1 18 Feb FA Cup Reading H 20:00 2 - 1 23 Feb Barclays Premier League Queens Park Rangers A 15:00 2 - 0 How many High Scoring wins do you see IRL? I can see one against Fulham in 9 games. How many do you see in my table above??? When was the last time Man Utd beat anyone 11-0 or 8-0? If you don't have to say anything constructive then please don't reply either. I'm trying to show that something is wrong here and that I see a pattern. To give you an idea, here are the official Man Utd Records 10–1 v Wolverhampton Wanderers, First Division, 15 October 1892 9–0 v Walsall, Second Division, 3 April 1895 9–0 v Darwen, Second Division, 24 December 1898 9–0 v Ipswich Town, Premier League, 4 March 1995 Last time Man Utd beat a team with 8+ goals was 18 years ago. I had two such wins over couple of weeks.
  3. I'm Man Utd and here are results of my last 10 games Burnely (H) 8-0 Wst Brom (H) 5-0 HJK (H) 11-0 Newcastle (A) 1-1 Man City (A) 1-1 Fulham (H) 5-1 Everton (H) 5-1 Hudersfiled (H) 5-0 Charlton (H) 5-2 Swansea (A) 4-0 I'm undefeated for 19 games in the league and I have scored 58 goals and conceeded 13. (+45) I'm sorry but the engine is pretty bad at the current state. I know I'm leading on of the biggest clubs but cmon look at the scores above. How often do you see Man Utd run over opponents in such fashion. One game here and there fine but 8 home games in a row? I sure won't be rushing to buy next FM... This engine needs vast improvement.
  4. For the first time ever I tried the Versus Game yesterday against a friend over Steam. I have ManUtd team 3 seasons into my regular game that I exported and he did the same with his Juventus, he is however in his first season. Everything went fine but then I realized that my exported team was not same as the one in my real game. Only one signing was there (Bale), all my other players that I signed over 3 seasons were missing while other that I either sold or retired were back in the team. Does the game go back in time for my team to match my opponents since he is in 2012/13 while I'm in 2015/16? That's the only explanation I could think of, or it's a bug. I thought you get you current team when exporting but it doesn't look like that. Has anyone had any experiance with this?
  5. 13.2.2 has been released but there seem to be no feedback thread and from what I understand there have been no changes to ME? Correct?
  6. This is exactly how I feel at the moment. It seems like you have no influence on performance at all. When you look at the goals they all look like defence is fumbling. If it happens now and then then fine but all the goals I concede are from what I can see on the screen caused by my fumbling World Class defence. They just stand there and look at the opponent with the ball. No attempt whatsoever to close down properly and tackle and I've tried everything. Such performance would in real life lead not only to bench but to sacking. Yet they all somehow get rating of 7+.. A misstake like that would in reality give you a 1 or 2 in the newspaper.
  7. I would love if SI would just revert back to 3.1.2 ME for the time being and then work on the new ME updated without any stress. They could atleast release it as a manually downloadable file so we can manually revert. I'm however afraid that it wont happen becuase it would basically mean that they admit that current ME is broken and unplayable. I finished my current season so I have retired my game for the time being waiting for the new patch. It is unfortunate since it will probably take until Mid/End Feb before we see an update.
  8. Still way off. Too many long shots even with all players set to make long shots rarely. Defensive part is bad. Just look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjkyXJbXrTc I can't get my defence to play properly at all. They just seem to run along the ball carrier and rarely attempt to tackle resulting in scoring chances.
  9. This is how the game looks like now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDomIDeOXwQ I know ManUTd is a good team but 10-0 against Fullham? Cmon, and look at the goals. Makes me actually sad.
  10. I'm sorry but that's just not true. This is present for the absolute majority now, consider also that those posting here care about the game and football in particular. I'm sure there are alot of users that don't even reflect over what is going on but see the anomalities as "Cool" and the way it is. Those that reflect realize that simulation is broken and that you IRL see such behaviour rarely. I'm not saying nobody should ever see a player dribble like Giggs did in the video above, they should but it should happen rarely because even when these things happen IRL they are so odd that everyone is astonished and the goal is shown over and over.
  11. Game 4 against Blackburn away, win 5-0, 17 shots 8 on taget. I'm now retiring this game until ME is fixed. Shots and scorelines are destroying my game. I have now scored 26 goals in 4 games.
  12. Game 3 against West Ham (as Man Utd) away, this time I used a complete different 11 players (my B team). Trashed West Ham 6-2 with me having 18 shots / 14 on goal. SI can you please draw back this patch and give us the previous engine back? You need to look at the current ME since it seems to be simulating tennis rather than football.
  13. Played two games, first one away as Man Utd against West Ham won 5-1 26 shots ,13 on target. Next game against Fullham home won 10-0 24 shots with 14 on target. THis does not look too good.
  14. What I would like to see is clear description from your staff of the problems faced in the field. For example the game could provide insight on your team as your season progresses and describe in english what the problems are. For example : Majority of our goals are conceeded from the left flank, Fullback John Doe cannot cope with the opposition, we should consider playing someone else in that role or make sure he is supported by the midfield. In the other direction we are unable to score goals since our only Striker John The 2nd Doe is too slow, he needs more support from the wingers. In general our team can not play the short quick passing game you wish, they lack the tehnical abillity to do that. We are performing badly against top teams since they overload our midfield, it would be wise to play with more defensive midfielders when playing the top teams especially away.. And so on. This would easily point out the problems and allow you to act quickly while at the same time keeping the game interesting. Same should happen during the game as today but with more details and suggestions. You could include such description as anlysis of the opposing team before the game rather than just telling it's good to train attacking movement ahead of the next game. Why not state weaknesses and strengths in plain english and let those that want to look at numbers check every screen and corner. Now you either have to study deep or randomly make changes. You could have the option of the game telling you all the stuff correctly all the time or make it more challenging by displaying more detailed info from good staff while poor staff only provides the basics. This would allow for example people to play around with their own tactical setup and get continious feedback on team performance without having to study the game for hours.