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  1. How about the option to adjust wage boundaries? If I'm trying to sign a player for a club who doesn't want to come, I'd love to be able to adjust the maximum wage I could offer to a key player, obviously staying within the wage budget cap. Would be interesting to see Lionel Messi at Manchester City earning £300,000 p/w (I can currently only offer £145k p/w!) Also, perhaps the different taxation levels having an effect on player decisions? (Apologies if it does already), but players are set to lose 50% of their wages through tax... more likely to move to Spain than England if they're interested in money. Which leads me on to a player tendancy screen. it would be nice to visually see whether a player is more interested in money/first team football, as it could affect what you offer someone. Finally, a list of how the assistant rates every position. I know we have assistant feedback, but it would be nice if we could see a list of the order that the assistant rates each player in each position, rather than having to look at an individual's report. Hope that all makes sense!
  2. I would like to see more realistic compensation for staff, especially managers. Not sure why it's capped at £1million, but it would be nice to see the board bartering with the other club, as they do in real life. I agree with the loaning players back option. I'd also like to see an option to loan a player to an affiliate until he has both enough days, and has decided whether to take the wp or not. It's frustrating to be able to loan player x for two seasons to a Belgian (say) affiliate, only for him not to want to go back for the third and final season. I'd like AI managers to get the point about transfers, two major bugbears here. a) Managers will keep saying how good they think a player is, and make numerous bids, even when you state you don't want to sell. B) to know that an asking price is exactly that, so not offer £20million under it (regardless of how extortionate it may seem!).
  3. R click on the players name in the scouting reports and you can choose to delete all his scouting records. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I understand that, but doing that for every player gets tedious very quickly! And I know I can delete one scout's reports, but some of them may be only a few days old, and therefore worth keeping, if you follow me? It's basically just that I'm lazy!
  4. I knew there was another one! If a club's in financial trouble, having the option to ask the club's staff (both playing and non-playing) to take a wage cut (again, sliding-scale thing) to help ease the financial worries. Obv. not all would do it, but people whose favourite club it is might, as well as others. Of course, there should be ramifications, such as upset towards those who don't take the pay cut.....
  5. I have a few wishes, and I apologise if any of these are already present, I just couldn't be bothered to trawl through 32 pages!!! <UL TYPE=SQUARE>I would like to see the option of more clauses for players... I often hear about clubs who have an "option for an extra year". IMO it should be possible to insert this into a player's contract. Also, offering a player first team football, say "you will play in >80% of matches or you will be able to leave for £x", or, if you aren't in Europe (as a European club, obviously!), "you will be able to leave for a club in European competition for £x". I'm not sure how people feel about this, but I'm pretty bored of the bog-standard clauses now... <LI> I would like an option to delete scout reports after a certain time period. If I'm correct, they expire after one year... but if I look on my scout's reports and see Joe Bloggs Min. A.P. as £1m, then bid only to find that he's already moved, it gets on my wick. I would like to be able to make scout reports disappear after two or three months, say. (set it on a sliding scale?) <LI> The option of setting you, the manager's, favoured staff. I know it's a little thing, but you should be able to pick who your favourite players and staff are, even if it has minimal effect in-game. Same with clubs. <LI> The option to send a player to a work permit regulations feeder club (or whatever they're called) "until he qualifies for nationality" Obviously, after then, it's his choice as to whether he takes the nationality, but it saves the manager having to resend a player each year. <LI> Negotiations for players. Once a club sets a price, it's a pain when it suddenly increases because you aren't willing to match every single part of the offer. e.g. If I try and sign a player for £2m, they negotiate to £3m + 40% next transfer, and I offer £3m + 20%, all of a sudden they now want £3.8m + 45%. Very annoying! I think that's all for now. If I think of any more I'll add them.
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