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  1. Jayahr: I accept that you don't think it would be enjoyable. However, other people might! I agree too it would take a lot of coding, but in my opinion, the 3D match engine isn't worth the massive amounts of time that was spent on it, I still play in 2D anyway, so i think the time from that could've been spent on this!
  2. Note the use of the word choice, it means having the option if you'd like it, not a rebranding of the game. I for one think it's an excellent idea.
  3. Sorry in advance if I should be posting this elsewhere... I've got a young Brazilian coming on the day he turns 18. I was wondering if he would become eligible as a "Club-grown" player for European competition purposes?
  4. Games on Steam are saved to an account. Once the game is added to an account, it stays there forever. This means that you can only activate the code once, but it stays on there forever.
  5. Generally, coaches/assistants won't accept a one year contract, unless you really bump up their wages. As this generally means he'll have less than 12 months left on his contract, it's not the worst idea in the world. However, I'm in the same boat as you at the moment, but with coaches. I've just offered mine two year deals, and now, about once a month, I try offering them mutual termination (which the board will still block if the compensation is excessive).
  6. Edit: Fanoliv- So far as I can tell, games are saved in your documents folder still, so as long as you backup the file from your FM folder in "My Documents", you should be absolutely fine to play the game once you've reinstalled Windows and the game.
  7. How about the option to adjust wage boundaries? If I'm trying to sign a player for a club who doesn't want to come, I'd love to be able to adjust the maximum wage I could offer to a key player, obviously staying within the wage budget cap. Would be interesting to see Lionel Messi at Manchester City earning £300,000 p/w (I can currently only offer £145k p/w!) Also, perhaps the different taxation levels having an effect on player decisions? (Apologies if it does already), but players are set to lose 50% of their wages through tax... more likely to move to Spain than England if they're interested in money. Which leads me on to a player tendancy screen. it would be nice to visually see whether a player is more interested in money/first team football, as it could affect what you offer someone. Finally, a list of how the assistant rates every position. I know we have assistant feedback, but it would be nice if we could see a list of the order that the assistant rates each player in each position, rather than having to look at an individual's report. Hope that all makes sense!
  8. I would like to see more realistic compensation for staff, especially managers. Not sure why it's capped at £1million, but it would be nice to see the board bartering with the other club, as they do in real life. I agree with the loaning players back option. I'd also like to see an option to loan a player to an affiliate until he has both enough days, and has decided whether to take the wp or not. It's frustrating to be able to loan player x for two seasons to a Belgian (say) affiliate, only for him not to want to go back for the third and final season. I'd like AI managers to get the point about transfers, two major bugbears here. a) Managers will keep saying how good they think a player is, and make numerous bids, even when you state you don't want to sell. B) to know that an asking price is exactly that, so not offer £20million under it (regardless of how extortionate it may seem!).
  9. It wasn't the goals, it was the number of appearances that were suspect to me. If I'm wrong, then sorry, but all I was saying is that 233 caps seems a lot!!!
  10. Excuse me if I'm wrong, please, but based on the assumption that a national team plays, on average, 12 games a year, your 30 year old would have had to be playing for England since the age of around 12... seems unrealistic to me. Oh, and sorry to not answer the question, I'm not sure what the answer may be.
  11. new positions

    Is it just me, or if you stop training a player in a new position does he "forget" how to play there? IIRC, I've trained players to new positions, up to an "accomplished" level, which has downgraded to competent a few weeks/months after I stopped him training there. Is this normal?
  12. What have u broke while playing FM

    Tried resiliently to break my mouse... but that is one solid little b**tard!
  13. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by MattUK: Got drawn againts Dundee in 1st round of euro cup. Won first leg at home 4-0 then decided to give some kids a chance in second leg. http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/8043/11aqm1.png Is there a records thread I can add this to? ( i was 6-3 down too!) </div></BLOCKQUOTE> What record are you after? I'd've thought there are much higher scoring games somewhere?FM 2008 Records Thread
  14. Stat attack

    Apologies for the double post, but I'd just like to add that it's refreshing to see a well thought-out critique, rather than just SI-bashing. Kudos
  15. Stat attack

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by bullybeef: I want to discuss something and because I don't want anyone to use the word 'tactics' as an excuse, I thought I would put it in here. I want an answer to a question regarding player stats/attributes. How FM gives us player attributes in order to choose the players to buy to counter the opposition and why in every game I play, the oppositon player will out run someone who is faster or outjump some who is better in the air. Not just this, pound for pound the player who they are playing against are not only better physically but mentally too. No excuses, the player stats/attributes tell use one thing but the match engine shows us another. This ultimately contributes to another of my latest bugbears, the shots to goals ratio issue. This happens every game and I repeat every game I play. I don't want any use of the word tactics to explain this because I am still getting the needed results. This gripe is simply to understand why I spend so much time analysing players to buy when 'weaker' players seem to play quite well against my better players. I know about these 'weaker' 'players just maybe up for the game' excuse too. Here's an example for a recent game I have just played out: I am Liverpool and i was 3-0 up against Reading at home. I pull my backline back slightly and change my mentality to normal. Their striker makes a break down the left wing, i've got 8 players back defending, 5 in the box against the lone striker awaitng the cross. Cross comes in and striker outjumps my 5 defending players to score. This is their only shot of the game Reading have and I win 3-1. The player who crossed the was Dave Kitson, lets take alook at his stats: Crossing 10 passing 12 creativity 12 Based on many theories these abilities are just below prem level and in the post match report stats, although he got an assist, he didn't create one key pass all game. Strange but true!! Now the goalscorer, his name is Shane Long and he's 5ft 10". Heading 12 composure 13 finishing 13 jumping 14 strength 13 This guy is just borderline prem quality, however my main marker was a defender is called Frederico Fazio and he's 6ft 5": Heading 20 marking 17 strength 20 jumping 18 Now how are we supposed to treat the attributes as fact when there is so much contradiction? My reason for these happenings is in the coding. I have A level computer programming and I have wrote a few games in my time. What the have achieved in FM08 is the abitility to reflect imperfections. Imperfections that occur when you least expect it, when you're crusing to another victory and clean sheet. Imperfections that go completely against the grain and don't reflect how the game went. Of course these imperfections also work in your favour but the depends on whether you're the underdog or not and whether your team talk was effective. these imperfections are also effective by nothing more than the laws of averages and will completely undermine the stats/player attributes we spend a lifetime studying. The programmers need the understand the following: the search for enlightenment and the most realistic footy sim ever cannot be contradictary. Either a player is faster or he isn't. Either a player is stronger or he isn't. Either a player is taller or he isn't. Keeping it simple will keep it real. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> You just said yourself, it was their one shot on goal, maybe they got lucky. Take a look at real life. Odejayi outjumped a 'keeper (similar height plus arms!) to score for Barnsley against Chelsea. I'll use my current FM game to compare their height/jumping stats (it's in 09/10 by the way) Odejayi: Jumping = 6, Height = 6'2" Cudicini: Jumping = 15, Height = 6'1" I don't mean to sound patronising, and I apologise because I know I do, but sometimes the stats don't, and can't tell the whole story. I'm sure that there has been more than one occasion that you have experienced something similar, but the same can be said of Barnsley this season!