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  1. How do you change the starting date for the game?

    It's possible cos I've seen the American start date changed although when starting the game it gave the option of Jan 13/14 but the season did start in Aug the same as England's
  2. Competition winners

    Is there any way to change which European competition cup winners go in to as I feel the Champions League should be exactly how it sounds, league and cup CHAMPIONS going into the CHAMPIONS league, I would have to allow 2nd place go in as well to get the 4 places rulings but seems pointless with it being called that when only 1 Champion of each country actually qualifies for it
  3. How do you change the starting date for the game?

    I believe it's in the nation rules section mate, I think the bit is called "Season Start Date" which will be when it 'resets' as such e.g. England's is June 25th
  4. FM14 - Reducing 3d match time

    Just increase the highlight speed and change how u want 2 view the highlights - key extended etc... That should speed it up alot mate
  5. Same board affiliates

    Hey guys, I recently found out that there is a Southampton in America so thought I would try and create a db with them in the game but wanted to do it as a sister club with Southampton in England as they named the US village Southampton due to people from the English Southampton settling there originally apparently (I hope I haven't confused you with that) After creating the db with the affiliation set I loaded up the game and I didn't have the board I wanted so I was wondering if I had to put the same board at the new club and if so I assume the game would realize what is happening and keep the board members at both clubs
  6. I'm delighted when players of mine win player of the month or goal of the month, especially considerin I play with smaller clubs so gettin it in the Prem is great as I feel there are still alot of players named that are at top sides. Not sayin the game is biased obviously but sometimes a player wins it from a top side who are really struggling and it doesn't make a great deal of sense lol
  7. Just loading a game to test it out, looks great
  8. Squad rules

    Hey guys, I've created a whole new English league structure to save on the fixture congestion in all the leagues and have now been stuck on a problem for a day or so. Basically as it stands I currently have to register players under the age of 21 and want to put the ruling back into the game but cannot find how to do it, is there anyone who is able to help?
  9. The Official Editor Suggestion Thread

    I would just like a simple option to have a dark skin! Surely it isn't hard to give that as an option
  10. NFL League Structure

    I imagine it would be relatively easy for someone with experience of doing multiple leagues on the same level like the Blue Square leagues
  11. I have downloaded a db to take the English leagues down to level 9 and have noticed that the team I wish to be is the only team in the league NOT to have a chairman so I thought I'd add 1 myself which I did and upon loading the db again there is still no chairman! I'm experienced in the editor to the point I have helped with a well known unofficial update with very little problems in the past but I really don't know what the problem is on this one, any help will be massively appreciated
  12. I had 1 similar from my GK a couple of days ago but even he wasn't that far back!
  13. Personally I haven't been replaced after a takeover, many threats about it but it's yet to happen so far! Good luck with the takeover though mate
  14. I don't understand why so many people are putting up threads asking when it will be ready, it happens every year and we get the same answers every year. It will be out when it is ready! Admittedly from what I remember it seems a little late compared to previous years, I remember a couple of years ago it came out on Valentines Day and SI called it their present to us but it doesn't mean it will happen every year, the game is becoming more and more complicated each year and naturally it means that 1 slight mistake could cause a bigger problem than it used to 5/6 years ago! Yes I want it out and use it, everyone does but the more people will ask the more it annoys the mods and people who help run this site which you have to remember do it for free! Would you be prepared to have to sit and tell people the same thing daily on something you don't get paid for? I know I wouldn't! Yes it would be great if they could give us a time-frame to work with but technology doesn't always allow people to do that! People, just chill, if your that desperate there are plenty of unofficial updates to use most of which are pretty good but above all else PLEASE STOP ASKING!!!
  15. This desktop looked pretty tasty

    That's exactly what I'm gonna do next time mate, if all else fails I got a mate who can help me out with bits as I go along