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  1. I have been playing Football Manger since 2008 and Gary Kelly has never been put into Leeds club Legends along side Don Revie, David Batty, Peter Lorimer, Eddie Gray, Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton, Gary Speed and John Charles. Gary Kelly should be included in this list he made 531 appearances in total for Leeds, and is the only player at Leeds to make more than 500 appearances from outside Don Revie's teams. Can some please tell why he has never been included on this list.
  2. Im playing Football manager 2012 and i have been playing for 20 seasons still my leeds team has one the Premierleague 5 times in a row and have won the euro Champions league 4 in a row but my seasons tickets are still only 16570 and have stadium over 100000 I started at 12000 where teams like barca have over 86000
  3. I can't open the editor any more it goes green on start up and you can see a picture of someone holding a ball in the background but its all grren like grass and I can't load any thing up this has happen since stream update today.
  4. Could anyone please tell me is there any way that this can be change in the editor or change it any other way so you can buy and loan from other A-league clubs.
  5. Is it Possible to put Australia into europe this way also so there clubs play euro cups clubs and international.
  6. The Manchester United Premier Cup is a football tournament for under-15 kids around the globe to play against each other on an international stage. Here is a Link to the Manchester United Premier Cup http://www.manchesterunitedpremiercup.com/
  7. The Manchester United Premier Cup is a global youth football tournament. The tournament was established by Nike in 1993 as the Nike Premier Cup and featured 624 teams from 15 European countries. It was decided that the host team and the national champions from 13 countries would be given direct qualification to the finals tournament, with the remaining six places in the 20-team tournament given to the teams from the Europe, Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia and Africa regions. Where the region's under 15 youth Club team's enter play offs like the National sides do for the FIFA World Cup. Also is the Youth European Champions League that has elite clubs youth squads that will give young players the chance to play a European competition. The tournament is based around Uefa’s Champions League, but will be on a slightly smaller scale and only have 16 participants, with those teams split into four groups So far 15 of the 16 participants have been announced with four coming from England – Manchester City, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Tottenham – with Celtic joining them. Although all the groups are not yet known, Daily Mail understand that Aston Villa’s group will include Rosenborg or Norway and Fenerbahce of Turkey, whilst City will face Barcelona, Celtic and Marseille. The other clubs expected to participate are: Inter (Italy), Molde (Norway), FC Basle (Switzerland), Sporting (Portugal), PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Wolfsburg (Germany), plus one more club that has yet to be declared. Can someone tell me if these are in the game as I like to develop youth when I play football manager and i fine the youth league part needs more comps that are happening in real life in the game other then the youth FA Cup.
  8. There is a couple of things I would love to see in fm 1. A international player development program of some type in the way the clubs have a youth academy. When u become a international manager u could go to ur FA and asked for money to be spent on youth development which would in turn you would have better youth coming though for that nationally. 2. I would like to see some thing in place for when u win many trophies as a club with some thing coming in your inbox saying something like for eg. Your Leeds team on the amount of trophies they have won ar up there with the great Ac Milan teams and R. Madrid teams of the past. And only the so called team of the 60's is above you in the all time list.
  9. I would like to see you as international manager able to go to the Nations Federation and ask them to spend more money on youth development in that country and the more they spend the better players that come through over a 5 year period. Which would bring more world class players from differnt nations into the game.
  10. I would like to be able to have a way you could ask your nation's board to invest in youth development if you were the manager of that nation which would improve the youth coming through for that nation over time and the more money invested the better the youth coming through. So a weak nation spending alot on youth deveopment could over a long period in the game could become the world's best nation.
  11. I would like to be able to change the way a country plays and the standard of the kids coming through over a 10 year period. E.g In Australia before the last World Cup the FFA hired Hiddink as Manager. He Changed the way the Socceroos play from a very british way to more of a dutch way now the FFA have hired a dutch technical director and he has brought in that all kids 5-12 i think it is. Can only play 5 a side games and so on. To improve the Technically of the Kids comming through. Now we have sign Veebeck another Dutch manager to continue the Dutch system that is be put in place. It will take 10 years but the kids coming out of Australia may be playing for the big clubs Man u,Barcalona, R.Madrid one day not middle of the road Prem clubs and lower league english clubs. I would LIke somethink like this in Fm
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