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  1. for a good ass manager for team talks what should he have ?
  2. someone had success with good team talks with small team ? can you post them here please thnks a lot
  3. minaml fuss can you give us your pre match team talks please half time and full time please thamnks
  4. for your version two you used opp instructons and what is your match prepartion thanks for your tactics mate
  5. somone can give me a hint - i am always leading with 2 goals or one and i am losing ;( what can i do ?
  6. vu du tuc good tactic but i am condegin too much goals and when i am leading by 2 goals i always drew what can i do ?
  7. and you use target man pls? you drag his name int the target man list/
  8. and it is the best tactic you made so far ? btw thanks for your tactiics vu du tuc
  9. can you make a download link for your best tactic vesion?
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