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  1. Very quick update. Can't quite believe it. Only loss (4-5 to Ajax) came after I guaranteed first place. Got two draws against Arsenal (0-0 and 3-3). Had four clean sheets. Got Villarreal in next round though. If I beat them, I will face the winner of Lazio-Sevilla. League is really fun this season. Just beat Thun 1-3 away before the winter break and leapfrogged them. Title holders are looking strong! Di Finizio (20A) has 16 goals in 25 matches. Got called up to the Italian National Team but didn't play. His time will come! Hrvoje Anic is developing nicely and getting more and more involved. Has 6 goals in 6 assists in 8 (8) matches. Also has 5 in last three.
  2. That didn't go very well (I went on holiday for Mexico game though). I got offers from Belgium and Croatia after the Euros but I rejected them. Meanwhile... Ugh, not sure if it's Euro Cup or Champions League.
  3. Inevitable day has come. Muratovic (19B) has left the club for Tottenham with a transfer fee of €25M and €2M bonuses, plus 30% of profit from his next sale. He only had one year left in his contract, so I cashed out on him. Amazing player, really. He played in 183 games for the club, scored 33 goals and assisted 45. Had become a club legend. Played in 28 national team games, scoring 3 goals. Had a worldwide reputation.
  4. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2023/2024 | End of Season Update Swiss Super League I'll consider this as an okay season. I know we were the title holders but Basel was going to come back, and Young Boys had been hanging around the top three for a while now. They finally finished as champions. We started the season with 0 points from 3 matches, and that probably was the reason we finished third. Champions League and playing extra six games also was difficult for my team. Next season will be better. We just need to be more consistent. I mean, after starting with 0 points in 3 games, we won 5 consecutive games, and didn't win another game for eight matches. League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season Swiss Cup A disappointing season in Swiss cup. We lost to Luzern (who finished the season fifth in the league) at home in third round. UEFA Champions League Well, that didn't go well, but to our defense the group was very difficult. PSG, Wolfsburg and Arsenal in our first season. I'm going to look on the positive side and say that at least we scored a goal... Well, not much to say about it. Maybe Euro Cup will be better for us to get familiar with the European scene. Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers News It's getting boring for our U18 side now. Sixth title in seven years. They also won the cup this year! Youth facilities are currently under construction. When I saw this, I thought it would be good to try a challenge. I would rather prefer Switzerland but I'll try to have some fun. Next Season It should be all about qualifying for Champions League via finishing top two in the league and maybe finishing top two in group stage in Euro Cup. I need to figure out how am I going to play with an AML, an AMR, and AMC and two strikers though. I'd be glad to hear any suggestions!
  5. Honestly, I have no idea. I have a star AMR, star AMC, and a star ST already. In addition to those, I have pretty good AML and another ST. What would you do in that case? I can't come up with a solution to play with 2 forwards, AML-AMC and AMR.
  6. Fantastic month in league! Would you consider taking Neuchatel Xamax as an "X team"?
  7. If you want to see a player's profile, let me know and I'll upload it!
  8. Youth Intake 2024This year, I hired a new Head of Youth Development in David Andreoli and it paid off. He has 18 JPA, 19 JPP and 12 Working with Youngster with Balanced personality (would want Professional but it's okay), and he brought a world star for me! I am tagging four players this season, and I am most definitely sure that Hrvoje Anic will be a superstar. I cannot say enough about him, I suggest you to have a look on his profile. Can already play in first team and it looks like I have to change my formation to accommodate 2 forwards, because I have to play Di Finizio (20A) as he will be an Italian NT player soon. Other than Anic, I'm hopeful that Sellier, Husic and Basic can be rotation pieces in a title contender. Hrjove Anic (24A) | Maximilien Sellier (24B) | Sead Husic (24C) | Almir Basic (24D) Name Position Apps Goals Asts Value Ebwelle (16B) GK 54 - - €33.5K Delaporte (16C) DR (MC) 151 1 2 €74K Bach (16D) MC 225 5 25 €1.7M Victor Silva (16E) DC 187 3 - €145K Silva (17B) GK 245 - - €100K Pinault (18B) AMR 160 37 37 €9M Zamaku (19A) ST 140 48 6 €3.6M Muratovic (19B) AMC 167 29 41 €15.25M Aeschlimann (19C) GK 19 - - €33.5K Hyka (19D) AML 151 20 31 €950K Bassi (19F) DL 87 3 8 €450K Di Finizio (20A) ST 126 63 9 €9.5M David (21A) DR (DC) 79 2 3 €1.6M Siegrist (21B) AMR (MC) 81 6 20 €1.5M Bertrand (21D) DC 27 - - €42.5K Sabanovski (21E) DL 17 2 2 €100K Tomasic (22A) ST - - - €61K Guichard (22B) DC 6 - - €58K Güler (23A) DC - - - €48K Old Players Name Position Apps Goals Asts Value Club Transfer Fee Baldi (17A) ST 60 30 7 €3.2M Luzern €4M
  9. Thanks! You're definitely right, as they signed some quality players this season and are now sitting top of the table after 20 weeks. I'm hoping for a rivalry.
  10. @Jupjamie if you say so @MaxPowerWAFC, @tyler16; glad you like it! I did directly qualify for the CL group stage, though I didn't quite enjoy being drawn against PSG, Arsenal and Wolfsburg. Balotelli has been with them for over five years now and been a pretty great servant. I forgot to write about my intake last year, but here are the two players I tagged: Emre Güler (23A) Luca Meyer (23B) To me, Meyer is the better of the two but I didn't have any particularly pleasing players from intake last year. But Muratovic (19B) has won the first continental award for the club!
  11. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2020/2021 | End of Season Update Swiss Super League What an incredible season! After finishing 3rd last season, my aim was top 3, but development within the squad was too good for a 3rd place finish! We won the league thanks to better goal difference, and stats show how good we were. What makes it even sweeter is we beat Basel 3-0 a week before the last match, and then they lost to Thun, who fought for their lives. We won the league by playing a squad with average age of 23, so the future is looking bright for us. Another interesting to note is that we had two spells of seven game streak without winning. We managed to win 19 of the remaining 22 matches though. It's really odd to win the title like that, but to be fair, we beat Basel 3-0 twice, won twice against Zürich, won three times against Young Boys. League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season Swiss Cup We finally passed quarter final but lost to Basel in the final. Nothing to be ashamed of though, the kids probably partied all week before the game UEFA Europa League OM knocked us out in the third qualifying road thanks to away goals, but I was happy with our performance. We even won in Marseille! Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers Squad Di Finizio (20A) [Zamaku (19A)] Hyka (19D) -------------------------------------------- Muratovic (19B) --------------------- Pinault (18B) [Siegrist (21B)] -------- Bach (16D) -------------------Oberli [Siegrist (21B)] Bassi (19F) [Facchinetti] ----------- David (21A) [Epitaux] -------------- Silva (16E) ------------------------------- Edoh Silva (17B) News U18 team have won their fifth title in six years. Our board is improving youth facilities, and I'm hoping this time it doesn't get cancelled! Still couldn't improve youth recruitment. Average attendance inexplicably dropped, and I am not happy with our fans because of this. Hopefully it increases next season. Next Season I feel like I achieved the goal I set when I was starting this save. Should I go on and try to dominate the league? Should I try to be successful in Europe? What do you all think? Maybe I could use some break but I'm open to any ideas.
  12. Portilla is amazing! Congrats on the win against PAO, incredible results.
  13. I'm missing on that table I had £35 if I recall correctly, so I want to put £10 on Wolfsburg. I have to tell that you're really generous with those odds
  14. I select the whole post, copy-paste it and everything is in order. It keeps the formatting.
  15. As far as I know, you can just select image, copy (or right click + copy image) and paste it to the new post. It works.
  16. Neuchâtel Xamax | Season 2020/2021 | End of Season Update Swiss Super League An amazing season, really. We finally took the giant step towards being a contender, and finished third, just five points off the top spot. It was a roller coaster ride all season, as you can see from past positions. In the last game we beat Basel 1-3 away from home, but Young Boys also lost at home, 1-2 to Grasshoppers (thanks to a goal from our old player Baldi (17A)). We scored 51 goals and conceded 39, and collected 62 points, 20 more than the last season. Di Finizio (20A) scored 20 goals in the league and Muratovic (19B) had 7.91 average rating, while Silva (17B) had a league-high 14 shutouts. I am genuinely excited for the next season after making the giant step towards being a strong team. We could have even won the title if we didn't struggle so much against Zürich. League Team Stats | League Player Stats | Fixtures 1, Fixtures 2 | League Team of the Season Swiss Cup Another disappointing season in the cup. After winning the cup two years ago, we got knocked out in Quarter Final twice. Aarau, a Challenge League side beat us even though we dominated the game. Next season we have to go for the cup. Top Goalscorer | Fans Player of the Season | End of Season Awards | Overall Best Eleven Squad | Finances | Transfers News U18 team have won their third successive league title. Our board is improving youth facilities one more time, and it will be maxed out this time (and it is cancelled due to financial reasons as I am writing this.) Next Season After making a surprise this season by finishing 3rd, my aim is to at least keep that position. It would also be great to advance to the group stages in Euro Cup, and to win Swiss Cup. Of course I need to keep the squad together and try to increase the reputation of the club.
  17. Images look like this for me: I think the current forum doesn't recognize tags in old posts. Probably not a difficult problem to fix.
  18. Solid campaign. You should go undefeated and break the goals scored record next season, if you stay. Good luck for the CL final!
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