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  1. I would be happy with such an inceridible intake at almost every high rep european club lol.. Not just this one you had recently but almost every one you had in this save yet.
  2. @Jupjamie, i suggest you to use google spreadsheets. Its an online excel and you can just open it to public (dont forgrt to enable the option, that only you can edit the file) and share your URL with us. With every season review you can include the link... No screenshots, less work for you, cleaner posts, win-win situation
  3. What if you download this save you've uploaded on here, from the early 2100s? Just dont quit i love your savegame. You are the best
  4. How do you stand with your finances right now jupjamie? Did you upgrade/build a new stadium since you started playing ?
  5. Best. Thread. EVER. Im telling ya all !!! Congrats mate
  6. Congrats on winning dinamo finally. Looks like you are making europa league groups easily now (i hope i didnt jinx it ). Im gonna give it a go with your save, thanks for uploading. Good luck with CL groups next season
  7. Congrats man, there is no way you are missing groups this year after that result. Awesome. Its funny, I rather read this thread every day then start playing a save by myself haha. Do you holiday the game all the time, or you sim all matches with sim result skin? You mentioned it at the start of the thread somewhere but im too lazy to find that post.
  8. Whenever you said "No dinamo please", you somehow managed to get them to play with, lmaoooo. revenge incoming next time? hopefully its gonna be in the 4th round of cl playoffs
  9. Somehow there is just 1 player that you are missing, which can make a big difference and a huge impact in playoffs. Its always quiet close, but not close enough. Keep up the goodwork, im still reading this thread every day since you are updating it nicely all the time. What is your highest fee recieved for a player?
  10. Dont give up, for me this is really the best thread/story out here - no offence to others you were doing great few seasons ago and I believe you will be back on tracks soon. Just dong give up.
  11. First intake and a true legend. Nice away game against sparta, i hope you will get to third qual. round soon.
  12. You are really unlucky with intakes lately. did the new NT coach/manager include any of your players in his team? About professional status, remember that expenses of your team will grow dramaticly so you should be really prepared for that. More coaches, bigger contracts,... Your league is improving slowly which is true, but its money prizes are not enough to cover your expenditures. Do you think its easier to achieve group stages of CL or EL atm? I hope you will achieve this goal in next few seasons. Great thread really, i enjoyed every post of it.
  13. I've read through all of the posts, and this is a really good story. Keep it up, i hope you'll get professional status asap.
  14. This is exactly what im saying. I cant find a reason to join better rep club, even if they can offer me more than a double of my wage. I will manage in premier league anyhow.
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