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  1. CM is going to be released in September, I think we all agree that this is the optimum time to release the game. Everyone is hyped up by the summer transfers, the teams have been locked and after a particularly sparse summer of football, people will be gagging to get involved again. By releasing at this time you will get more of the market share. I think SI realise this. Their original plan of a October / November release date is going to be pushed forward to compete with CM. This has made me think about the development time of FM2010. Everyone knows that the original release of FM2009 was plagued with problems, it has put a hell of a lot of people off of the Football Manager brand. This will contribute more than most people are willing to recognise to market share moving towards CM. To SIs credit, they have tried admirably to remedy the dire situation they found themselves in with lazyingly releasing FM2009. The dev team have been working on 2009 until Febuary time (the patches). This will have cut into development time of 2010. I haven't even mentioned the resources that have been allocated to FM Live. I know SI repeatedly say that it is a separate team that deals with FM Live, but those of us in the industry that monitor job postings know otherwise. Is it a coincidence that the poor state of FM2009 at release coincided with the year FM Live was launched? This leaves (if they move the release date to September) a total of only 7 months. I think this will be cut into further by the embarrassment suffered from the 2009 release and the obvious inadaquete testing. Is this really enough time to make any meaningful features, or will SI panick again and add superficial features that no one wants and pass them off as massive changes (Female managers, but then SI strive for realism?) CM did not release a patch to their games and instead cut their loses and started to develop their game after. This has given them an insanely greater amount of time to. Another thing I think that is in CMs favour is that they have had to start from scratch. I know most people think the fact that FM has had a decent code base for so long is a benefit. I think it is a negative. It is obvious that the 3d match engine is showing its age. It was never designed with 3d in mind, and this has shown with the attempt at sticking it onto the 2d engine. CM has not had to live with this restriction and has been designed from the ground up with all the modern features a match engine should have. There is no *cruft* that has to maintained / massaged to get a new whizz bang feature. Anyway, we will see what happens, but I think that the football manager scene is about to change massively.
  2. its this one http://files.filefront.com/Dukes+Lee.../fileinfo.html
  3. I am not sure. The file is called: Dukes_Leeds_1.FC_Kln_Okt_1.tac
  4. I dont think it is due to a lack of quality in my team
  5. Sorry, I was having problems getting the image to display. I have changed the post (its yours Code)
  6. Using Codes one: You think it is time to give up? Played 16 Won 3 Drew 4 Lost 9
  7. Could you include the razor ones Code? And possibly the "role theory tactic"
  8. I have a quick question about training. When you are creating training schedules should I aim to train the areas that my player is weak at or should I I concentrate on the areas that they are good at to maximise?
  9. The Duke: 4-4-2 v1

  10. Hi, This thread is for sharing your experiences of creating a world class defence. I am currently using two tactics, one with the normal 4 in defence, the other is 3 CB and 2 attacking WBs The wingbacks tactic is somehow being the best defensivley. Concentrating on then normal 4 at the back, I have them all with average mentality, no CF, direct passing, touch below middle closing down, zonal + tight marking. Has anyone found any super defences ?
  11. Team gel levels

    Get Team Talk report from the assistant manager
  12. Yes I play this. It is very effective. You do not need wingers as the WB's are devastating. You have an extra man in defence making you concede less. I play with one FC though, not two. This allows me to have 3 AMCS
  13. thats the mac version btw, we had an extra patch