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  1. You'll have to use some moderator magic to politely ask them to extend possible thread title lengths.
  2. Very rigid is great, means your players do what you tell them more, even setting up attacking teams, I have a Mourinho like want to sculpt their play to achieve specific attacking movements.
  3. Fair point, I suppose if you wanted to create a true catenaccio you would have most players specific man marking people, but this is only an interpretation of the catenaccio system and idealogy in FM. Claiming you can create an replica of anything on FM is a ridiculous suggestion, as you are just running a data simulation of specific system-esque inputs. However, what Ackter is doing is heading from the starting point of trying to play a catenaccio system in FM, and as long as the output goals Ackter has set are reached, in this case keeping the scoreline and pinching a goal, along with the
  4. The original catenaccio failed because it was based upon man marking, with this being based within a zonal framework it should be fine. I remember Barca setting up last season with a shape that had Alba sitting as part of a three, Pique as a stopper, with Macherano sweeping behind with Alves blasting up the right flank. Even had Messi as a shadow striker. Just remembered the game, it was the second leg against Milan: http://www.zonalmarking.net/2013/03/13/barcelona-4-0-milan-tactics/
  5. Well... I'm not so sure stamina about stamina and work rate. If SI are after this illusive Pirlo-esque, quarterback role, then the whole point is that he is reneged of his defensive duties and the need to work so he is free to drift around the deep to middle section of the pitch and play-make, while the rest Vidal, Marchisio, Pogba et al... do all the leg work, the running, pressing, and tackling (I find it odd that this is an essential part of the regista role), while he uses that razor sharp footballing mind and his ability to play the 40 yard killer pass that will require great vision (cre
  6. To Cleon, RTHerringbone & WWfan has anybody from SI told you why, or do you know why the regista role still doesn't have creativity (and anticipation for that matter) considered to be an important attribute for it?
  7. Cleon I assume there is no secret formula, and it is just max out the tactics match preparation in preason, and play loads of friendlies as in prior incarnations of FM. Mine has taken quite a while, but it hasn't been helped by playing as Truro who are a semi-pro team and therefore meaning that I cannot control the weighting of the ratio of match prep to training.
  8. You can find the link to his FM10 save game in one of the threads, I don't know if its the same one as Cleon's but its certainly lying around somewhere, I'll have a rummage.
  9. Didn't tevez score a pretty much identical goal against liverpool in real life this season where he robbed it off skertel, as they were trying to play it out from the back. It's irritating, but sadly it does happen. Edit: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xt2ny3_skrtel-gifts-tevez-with-goal_sport Not quite the same, but same principle.
  10. It's a tricky one, depends on personnel. The 3 CM can either be a wide Central Midfield 3, with outside ones being shuttlers. Or it can be a narrow system that uses wingbacks, those roles are so fluid and varied, either are appropriate. Rest of the roles are spot on. He is I'm sure you know, heavily influenced by Bielsa, and a ZM article on Bielsa's Chile is here With the information in that you could argue the case either way, though they are more like CM's that are auxiliary wingbacks
  11. Hazza treat it like real life, then it's pretty obvious that: The better youth facilities your club has the more chance your youth players will improve and reach there potential, as they are working in high quality facilities that will have appropriate sports science, pitches, organisation, etc..., I'm not saying it limits injuries (in relation to the Sports Science). The better the Junior coaches are the more likely your players are to improve, because they will be telling them the correct techniques, be teaching them with the correct exercises, understand their strengths and weakness mo
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