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  1. I was wondering the same, trying to put backgrounds on matchday as well...
  2. UPS!! of course there is england, my mistake LOL Thanks for noticing that :)
  3. Hi everyone I have been using backgrounds since the CM series, but lately (past 5 years) I have been trying to keep all big european leagues and stadiums up to date. I decided to post since there is not much background/stadium graphics around and these stadiums are much better quality than the google earth or any other I have seen around I still play FM2018 dispite having FM2019, but this can be used in any FM you want (even posted some screenshots of how it look like in FM2019 also) STADIUM / TEAM BACKGROUNDS ITALY ENGLAND SPAIN FRANCE PORTUGAL GERMANY HOLLAND,BELGIUM, T
  4. Great stuff man, I didn't know that was possible to associate backgrounds with individual staff/players again, they had that removed long time ago, sadly
  5. How much will the courses improve ? any of your players completed the course already ?
  6. Would love to see a 2019 version! love this skin
  7. I still would love to understand how, for example, in my 2073 save, the freiburg had so many Portuguese newgens with amazing PA, that became part of a great generation. Also, I remember in FM2017 Stuttgart had loads of Polish players, when the HOYD was not even polish or they had any Polish Affiliated club. I have a theory that most of the newgens are created based on famous/well reputed retired players from that Nation. Also the Nation reputation and achievements are what determines them. What I cant understand is why sometimes (most of the time) I see, in low reputation/youth
  8. Tried as well and didnt work... btw </widget> is not in the location you say
  9. Works on the dark and Light skin but not on the default one, have no idea why since I put the Boxes folder exactly on the one...
  10. I think I'm going to use sortitoutsi premium member price, £30 and I get touch as well (not that I use it) All the other websites are not that much cheaper anyway
  11. Thanks for the advices I put him to train one twos, so he can get rid of the ball a bit more faster... lets see what happens
  12. Another funny fact is that since he went to the specialist (last season) he didnt get injured again because of sprinting, but now for a different reason.
  13. Hi Everyone I have this lovely player that I like a lot, but he has a problem since he join my club he gets injured very often, even his Injury prone is only 5 He as good Natural Fitness and good Stamina (16) He as only one trait that is "Run with Ball often" You can see his injuries are always on matches, and are mainly because of sprints... We know the causes, now what should I do ? try to remove that trait ? Any other trait that will help him ? Could be something in the tactic? but no other player has so many injuries like this... Thanks!
  14. Same issue here, using players with 17 and 16 years old in my first team and in the end they always wanted to leave. I think is just a buying time thing, will never work in the end, must avoid it next time
  15. I have exactly the opposite bug, put my assistant taking care of friendly games in my national team and I always have to play them myself... annoiying!
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