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  1. one shot on goal

    its a mad house because your completely missing the point, the questions were rhetoric, not deserving of a secondry school gcse explanation, of which you took literally
  2. Almost always drawn away from home in domestic cups

    presumably these dedicated researchers never went to a premier league game for fm2008, the amount of english cloggers with technique 20 etc, when in my opinion only 1 player in the world deserves it 'messi', doesnt dampen your spirit
  3. one shot on goal

    forget it, the answer im giving is far more complicated than the simplisitc child like one you are giving me, ban me, i want a voluntary red card, im in a mad house
  4. Almost always drawn away from home in domestic cups

    'there isnt a single player in the game who's stats are correct to real life' is the above statement true? simple question, yes or no
  5. one shot on goal

    Im not trying to prove anything, its already common knowledge, blood is red because our eyes see a certain wavelength caused by the surface of the substance subjected to ulraviolet light, you gave a childs answer,like what powers a car, petrol, much in the same way you gave me an answer to what was, intially a rhetorical question
  6. Almost always drawn away from home in domestic cups

    why doesnt it make any sense, there isnt a single player in the game whos complete ability is true to life, ergo is incorrect, smae as managers and coaches
  7. one shot on goal

    whats common knowledge, all colours are formed by the interaction of light onto a suface at a molecular level or iron molecules in blood? its like asking whats an ice creams made of and saying frozen milk
  8. Away From Home

    why is it when anbody questions an anolmoly in the game, people always refer to one of chance encounters as a rule rather than an exception
  9. one shot on goal

    why is blood red, hemoglobin, jesus, your a ****ing genius, stick to football manager games high viscosity? oh my
  10. one shot on goal

    why is water wet, why is blood red and why is granny dead
  11. one shot on goal

    you can paraphrase it , and try and break it down to suit you as much as you want, including the little 'i am so clever' ditty at the end, but it still is freedom of speech and you still are a dopey little bastard
  12. Almost always drawn away from home in domestic cups

    well, for a start every single players ability in the game is 'guessed' or subjective so therefore is incorrect
  13. Unrealistic Emount of Goals

    quickly delete this post before hershie complains and starts crying
  14. one shot on goal

    why do you reply then, whats this, a post only nice things so you dont upset hershie board freedom of speech you dopey thick bastard
  15. one shot on goal

    i appriciate that at times your tactics are never perfect, but going on these streaks were for 6 or 7 games you totally dominate the opposition creating litterally hundreds of chances, and the ai has one shot on goal in the whole 90 and never, ever misses, sorry , but that is a load of *****, unrealistic crap, maybe in the odd one of game, but not 6 or 7 in a row, there is no way, your tactics could be so bad , as to dominate every game, limit the opposition to 1 attack , and yet still be wrong, this whole thing needs to be addressed, sigames are taking the **** imho