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  1. Both transfers accepted in third season. Who is the better defender? Can only sign one. Love your thoughts
  2. I am playing as Spurs on my third season. LBs are Luke Shaw and Danny Rose. Looking for a LB that is defensively better. Attack is secondary. Thoughts on the top defensive left full backs in the game?
  3. Thanks I agree with all the comments. I think for a team built to win now, Oblak is the better choice. I sacrificed the longevity of the Donarumma but i feel even if i get 6 years of top brilliance from oblak it will be worth it
  4. Hey guys, on my Tottenham save second season. Both Oblak and Donnaruma available on a free. Both asking for about 230K pounds per week. Who is the better keeper today?
  5. Really having trouble getting Kane going on my Tottenham team. Only 9 goals this season 75% through and half are penalties. What position best suits him in one striker scenario? Any particular tactics?
  6. Have the options to sign Sessegnon in season 1 for 6m. Any idea how he develops in FM18?
  7. I know I know these arguments have been had here many times before and no need to rehash whats already been said. But my point is this, do you not feel that this iteration of the games seems to have way more of these complaints?
  8. I guess 10-1 games between two fairly similar teams using a standard tactic proves your agrument right? And then 6-3, 5-3, 4-4 within half season also reflects that. This is using an unchanged standard formation like 442.
  9. I still love the game too, but do you feel the ME is the same quality as past iterations?
  10. So I like many of you have played every iteration of FM and have enjoyed the minutes and hours clicking away. I feel I am running away from the game, because it is not working for me. This match engine is not working for me. I don't want to post screenshots or upload save games. Those of us who have played it long enough can feel it. We can feel something is wrong. We can see it in the scores, and the defending and the illogical games. People will point to real life and games where that sometimes defy logic. But the difference with this match engine is this a trend not a one off game. I am desperate for the game to work and for me to play. I bought the game and after playing it for a while, it has been sitting unplayed and unopened for the last month. This has never happenned in my last ten years of FM/CM. I am not looking to be combative or argue the merits of the match engine. I am just looking to SI at what made them successful and different from every other development company - listening to the users and making it better. I want to ask when the SI guys who play the game, and I know they play it, whether they feel the same? I am aching to play the game - literally this game has been an almost daily ritual for the last ten years. And I cannot because I know its flawed. And many of us out there know its flawed and either are like me or are making excuses of why its still working. I can only pray for 15.3. Open question, without being antagonistic, do you feel the same?
  11. In fact how do you increase anticipation in GK? Dont see it as a individual training focus.
  12. ah yes. did not think about anticipation. thats a good call.
  13. Have Luis Guilherme who is otherwise fantastic. One major weekness is stopping long shots. Any advice on how to specifically train for this weakness?
  14. I am in my second season with Spurs and need to a good right winger to improve upon Aaron Lennon. Does anyone know who develops better - Hoilett or Reus? They are almost identical in season 2 - slight attacking edge to Reus
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