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  1. OK, thanks. I've got my 1st choice right winger who has Professional personality, so I'll ask him to be this lad's tutor once the new season begins (the current one has already ended). He seems to be already a fairly decent winger, and that's how I want to play him.
  2. Hi Cleon, I must say I really enjoy your threads, particularly on developing players. Now, I've got a question. I got this wonderful prospect this year, and he has already impressed me with scoring two goals in his 4 appearances from the bench (probably less than 90 minutes on the pitch altogether). I want to get as such as possible out of him. So, I'd like to ask you how would you approach developing this player. His personality is Fairly Sporting and his media personality is Level-headed. Thanks in advance.
  3. Fullback ratings?

    I have not experienced neither too high or too low ratings for mu fullbacks. Maybe with the exception of one match when my RB got 9+ rating for having an assists (but we won the match 5-0, and generally played well).
  4. I have currently a nicely working tactics with a DM set to DM (S), and two CMs as CM (S) and CM (A); it's all within a 4-1-2-2-1 formation.
  5. Real Oviedo, just as last year. Although I am tempted to give Cultural Leonesa a go now they are back in Segunda B (I played them in FM2009 and they are my most successful team to date).
  6. Why does this work?

    I just got it tested in two matches (both home, 1st against PSV in Europa League, then against Osasuna in the league) and won both of them. What struck me was the moves that led to the goals, pretty nice ones I must say.
  7. I don't agree. While the comparison may be useful as a general indication of the strength of your team, as with every statistic, it's also half true. It's based on your entire first team squad, which may include some decent players, but also some young and undeveloped ones. That's way I decide the way my team will play (formation, positions, roles, instructions) based on the individual players I have at my disposal, their ability to fulfill the tasks given to them, and the depth of the squad, i.e. if the injury crisis comes will I still be able to use the same tactics without too much tweaking and too big drop in quality. Besides, I generally use one tactic. When I want to change things around I use shouts, tweak individual player's role and/or instructions, or make a substitution. This, coupled with good team talks, have been given me some good results.
  8. I don't really pay attention to what my AssMan says durng the match. As you pointed out he can sometimes talk complete nonsense. Unless that's something to do with some of his attributes, maybe Tactical Knowledge (don't know atm the value thereof).
  9. Since I also use a 4-2-3-1 and with some amount of success (I'm not bragging, just to say I managed to reach Primera Division with Real Oviedo after 2 seasons) I thought I might share my set-up with you. Although the team is far from perfect, in fact I have only decent players for the level I'm competing at, I'm doing quite well sitting mid-table with one-third of the season already played. However, thanks to not being a leading team in the league in terms of players (unlike it was it Segunda B for instance) I opted for a more levelled approach, and it brought me some good results, e.g. a 3-1 home win with Valencia. Here are the team settings: I use default player settings for given positions with the exceptions of: MCR - Hold up Ball set to No AMR & AML - Cross From set to Mixed, and Wide Play set to Normal
  10. 1. I believe you can have some control over their staff, but nothing more - they are an independent club. 2. Since it's an independent club, playing in Segunda Division at the start of the game if I'm not mistaken, it's like the players would play in any other second tier club. So it's more beneficial if they play 30 Castilla games than 10 in R.Madrid, at least as far as match experience goes. 3. Don't know about that, but I guess they do. Just check their information tab. 4. You don't need to move the players constantly. You can keep them in Castilla and still play them in 1st team. Remember that there are restrictions for B/C teams players' in Primera Division. 5. Don't know that, but most probably no.
  11. Squad number OCD

    Interesting topic I must say... and I thought I'm the only one to who certain numbers look weird on certain positions... When I used to play in England I would assign #31 or #34 to third keeper, and generally numbers above 30 to young prospects. Now, as in Spain you can only assign 1-25 to your first team it looks a bit different. But generally speaking my numbering scheme looks as follows (certain exceptions are possible, particularly when the 'correct' number is already taken, as I tend not to change player's numbers; e.g. when bought a DR got #23 as he was a promising youngster with little chance of playing in the 1st 11, and #2 was taken, he continued wearing this shirt even when he became my 1st choice DR, even though in the meantime #2 player was sold, but his number was taken by a starting eleven DC who was previously wearing #12, a bit weird, isn't it?): 1 - GK 2 - DR or DC 3 - DL 4 - DC (although I used to have a DL wearing this number) 5 - DC 6 - DC (usually my best/favourite one) 7 - MR (although currently my top ML) 8 - CM 9 - ST 10 - ST, AM 11 - ML, ST 12 - DL or any other DF (although virtually every player can wear it, at the moment AM RLC, FC) 13 - GK 14 - DC or DM 15 - any outfield player 16 - DM, MC (preferrably my best/favourite one) 17 - AM, CM, RM (currently a ST) 18 - any outfield player 19 - any outfield player 20 - I don't like this number much, so usually a player I wouldn't play much, mainly a DC 21 - any midfielder or forward 22 - any outfield player (I usually assign it to versatile players, also one of my fave numbers) 23 - any outfield player (also one of my faves) 24 - I really don't like this number (same as 4:2 scoreline :|), usually a young player of any position, defensive preferrably 25 - GK
  12. I had the same thing in previous versions of the game. Nothing new. And as Dave80 said, it's down to a fact that he'd already joined a new team, only awaiting till the end of the season to complete the move.
  13. EDT/DDT files in FM2013

    Thanks guys. But how about specific clubs or non-playable countries?
  14. I haven't played last few versions of the game, but I'm looking forward to get back into the game with FM13. Since I like to have players from at least a few clubs from every country retained, I'd like to know whether the EDT/DDT files are still supported? I've read somewhere that now it's possible to include all major clubs from each continent, as well as players with continental reputation from each continent. How does it work? I would check it all myself but I haven't bought a new PC yet, and my current one is too old and too weak to run even FM09, let alone FM13. Cheeers