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  1. I don't encounter this issue when running on 'Maximised Borderless Windowed' mode. I haven't tested 'Windowed' mode though.
  2. Game constantly crashes when I minimum the game after 17.2.0 update. Two crash dump files attached. FM 2017 v17.2.0.914093 (2016.12.15 02.10.04).dmp FM 2017 v17.2.0.914093 (2016.12.15 03.13.41).dmp
  3. I adjusted mentality this time, but I would only change role/duty in other cases. It all depends on what I see in the match.
  4. We always hear someone who claims that AI is cheating. It seems like AI have some kind of magical ability to outplay human players. I have a stronger team, why could they get beaten by a much weaker opponent? How could this happen? The questions constantly pop up right here. I decide to use one match as an example to break this myth. The match and my tactic. I don't want to explain too much about my tactic. I just want to focus on the match itself and illustrate how AI is 'cheating'. Although match stats doesn't say everything, the shot amount of my team suggests that they did't play well in the first half as a much stronger side. Still 0-0 at half time, if I wouldn't make any change and let this happen again in the second half, we could lose this match. It could easily become the kind of match some people claim as AI cheating. However, I do see why this happened. Since we only managed to shot twice in the first half. I am going to watch how the team played when they were in transition phase. Now you can see that my DR controlled the ball. The opponent dropped very deep rather than pressing hard high up the pitch which is very common as a weaker side. They prevented my side passing through midfield by congesting it. My side is clearly split in front 4 and back 6. They had no choice but to switch the ball to left flank. Again, my DL failed to pass the ball forward because the opponent had defensive width with their flat 5 midfielders. He gave away the ball eventually. So we couldn't attack effectively. The opponent kept my attackers in check, intercepted the ball and launched counter attack. I had to react to turn this situation around. I only made one change. I change mentality from control to counter. It worked well in the second half. As you can see above, my team drop deeper right now and lured the opponents pushing up. This meant that we created more space in the midfield. My right winger and shadow striker also dropped deeper to use the space behind their midfielders. We could play the ball from the back to the front in the second half and ripped their defence. We scored three and won the match. It is worth remembering that I only made one change to save the match. AI is not cheating.
  5. The strange thing is that winger with support duty has 'cross from byline' active.
  6. How to recommend my players to become director of football, head of youth development and goalkeeper coach? I can only see options for manager, assistant manager, coach, scout and physio. The strange thing is that AI is likely able to tell their players to become those role.
  7. I wonder if there is any difference between FM13's defensive winger/forward with attack duty and FM14's defensive winger/forward with support duty.
  8. Many people suggest that playing one striker with support duty, another with attack duty in a formation with 2 strikers. I wonder if two strikers with attack duty actually work when playing with direct passing style.
  9. Hi Llama You don't mention defend duty of wide men in the series. Do you have any thought about it?
  10. Some shots actually have no chance to score but they are still counted as CCC's. Additionally, I think that overpowered through ball is another cause.
  11. Thanks. Currently I am having issues against a team. Although their manager prefers Balanced mentality, they play with 3-4-2AM-1. My team plays with 4-4-2 which means that their two AMs would have plenty of space between lines and outnumber in midfield. If I go for attacking, pushing defensive line up to limit their space, my slow defenders would be exposed to their pacey striker and AMs. What should I do?
  12. Great post. I have questions regarding Hull's match. What makes you think they would keep numbers back? You worried about their fast strikers in case of Plan B, why not in case of more aggressive Plan A?
  13. When playing high defensive line with slow defenders,does it make sense to use offside trap?
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