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  1. @Gungner I get what you mean, won the Serie A first try with Atalanta
  2. Yeah its a Defensive mid Role
  3. Anybody recommend a half back and a right sided inverted winger for my torino side first season? Got £33M to spend
  4. Started a save with Atalanta, didn't sign anyone in the first window. Sold Drame to Crotone for £350K and let Mallamo go out on loan to Campodarsego. Top of the pile after 6 games with maximum points. Jose Mourinho has been in the stands for my past 3 games, apparently looking at my top scorer Gomez. Flung Freuler into the u20's after he threw a hissy fit about a new contract. Said he could have a new one at the end of the season, he just threw his toys out the pram. EDIT: And he's a liar!
  5. batty1

    FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    Won 8 competitive games on the spin at the beginning of the first season. Hertha Berlin ended it by drawing at Goodison
  6. batty1

    Looking for a Center Back

    Nastasic from Schalke look decent
  7. batty1

    FM17 - RB Leipzig

    Burke's record for me, quite impressive tbh. Had scored the winner away at bayern too but the next match the game completely bugged out and crashed. Have to play the bayern match again, so might start over with RBL. EDIT: Replayed the bayern game, while not exactly a carbon copy of the 1-0 win I had when the game bugged out. We still won 2-1 this time! Bayern had a peno saved too! EDIT 2: Again game after the Bayern one it seems to have bugged out again DAMMIT
  8. batty1

    FM17 - RB Leipzig

    How's Burke performing for you guys?
  9. batty1

    FM17: Right Back

    Diego who starts at Botafogo might be worth a look too
  10. batty1

    FM 17 - Valencia CF

    Just what I wanted,the two will miss Barca at the nou camp
  11. batty1

    FM 17 - Valencia CF

    I'm only 3 La Liga matches into my Valencia career, so I'm still adjusting to the team myself lol. Although I must say the £700K I spent on Kuki was a worthwile investment , he's bagged 4 goals, 1 assist and 1motm in the 3 league games! Shame I'm struggling to get the wingers and striker to fire at all really. Not only that with Kuki he banged in a hat trick on his return to Malaga in a 6-3 win for me! Malaga are the bain of my life this year. I don't know if its just me or me and my tactics but I find the centre halves (mainly Mangala and Abdennour) so error prone, along with Alves and Matty Ryan. EDIT: Brilliant, I've been beyond fair to Cancelo and Montoya, both played 3 games out of the 6 in total we've played and they're both moaning about lack of football?!!! Wish I could fine the pair of them for being so petty ffs EDIT: Oh good god Gaya's at it too, he's played 3 so has Ruiz. Never knew they were all such drama queens! Ruiz will play next match since he's been the only one not to moan
  12. batty1

    FM 17 - Valencia CF

    Just started a Valencia save to play alongside my Parma one. (Fancied restoring a few fallen giants to their rightful place) . Opting to go with the trusty 4-2-3-1 (Alves, Cancelo, Mangala Garay, Gaya, Perez Parejo Villalba, Nani Munir Bakkali). Already stuck abdennour on the transfer list. Attempting to retrain Leto to right back, and promoted Soler to the senior team. Looking at bringing in potentially Fornels and/or Fernandes (Fernandes being the cheaper option). Had a cheeky bid for Kuki accepted too. Only problem with fernandes is he takes up one of the non eu slots :/
  13. Ah well in that case I'll keep playing Mauri CM then alongside Mastalli. Locatelli's getting first team football on loan at the minute. You got any reccomendations for an italian DM?
  14. Right well its mid novermber in the 2nd season and I've only drawn once in the league and not lost yet! Hoping to make Martial's loan move permanent, his highlight at Milan so far is a 5 goal haul and a 10 rating in a 7-1 drubbing of I can't remember who lol. He got a 16 minute hat trick lol. Hope to lure Berardi away from the red part of merseyside in january too. Very happy with my defence tbh, pretty happy with a majority of my squad except Rulli who hasn't performed when he's started. Donnarumma is first choice everytime for me. I'm going to start re-training Mauri to play DM, so I can hopefully accomodate Mauri, Mastalli and Locatelli. But looking at it Locatelli is only gonna reach 2.5 star potential which kinda sucks