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  1. Not played FM since 2018, but thought I'd get it this year. Started on the beta with Ajax, just thought I'd just give a small update after the first transfer window. Didn't sell anyone of note, and brought in Thuler for £10M from Flamengo, Thomas Buitink for £14M, Juan Cruz Komar for £4.2M from Tallares (Board seemed pleased with the price), Dominik Szoboszlai for £13M (settled in really well), Lucas Robertone for £4.2M (again board were pleased), and Fredrik Andre Bjorkan from Bodo/Glimt for £1.3M. Results: Super Cup:- Ajax 4-0 PSV (Promes x2, Ziyech, Buitink
  2. @Gungner I get what you mean, won the Serie A first try with Atalanta
  3. Anybody recommend a half back and a right sided inverted winger for my torino side first season? Got £33M to spend
  4. Started a save with Atalanta, didn't sign anyone in the first window. Sold Drame to Crotone for £350K and let Mallamo go out on loan to Campodarsego. Top of the pile after 6 games with maximum points. Jose Mourinho has been in the stands for my past 3 games, apparently looking at my top scorer Gomez. Flung Freuler into the u20's after he threw a hissy fit about a new contract. Said he could have a new one at the end of the season, he just threw his toys out the pram. EDIT: And he's a liar!
  5. Won 8 competitive games on the spin at the beginning of the first season. Hertha Berlin ended it by drawing at Goodison
  6. Just what I was wondering. Some players unknown to me look pretty good
  7. Wow, been ages since I was last on these forums. How is everyone these days?
  8. Anyone seen this yet? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2525247/Watch-Ajax-sign-chronically-ill-year-old-fan-Jay-Jay-Willems-Eredivisie-debut-heartwarming-video.html What a wonderful thing for Ajax to do, brings a tear to the eye.
  9. Same as AcidBurn the DJs on Radio 1 really annoy me. Favourite radio programme has to be The Unbelieveable Truth with David Mitchell on BBC Radio 4
  10. Typical shove the blame onto someone else Great thread mate
  11. There isn't a poacher, theres a deep lying foward and two advanced fowards.
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