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  1. Bosnia & Herzegovina Denmark Poland Serbia Wales Angola Bermuda Cuba Belgium draw Guatemala Hong Kong U.A.E. Yemen New Zealand Tahiti USA
  2. Well, GG Kosovo All the best players are being traded or lose....
  3. New Zealand Hong Kong Singapore Philippines Bermuda Cuba Fiji Guatemala Syria Somalia Tahiti Canada Poland Wales draw Papua New Guinea Jordan Trinidad and Tobago India
  4. 9/1 Greece - Estonia World Cup Quals (EUR) Grp 8 9/1 Mauritius - Gambia Friendly 9/1 Somalia - Lesotho Friendly Mexico Montenegro Poland Georgia Wales Estonia Bermuda Cuba Solomon Islands Hong Kong Indonesia Romania draw New Zealand Poland North Korea Somalia draw Jamaica Honduras Oman
  5. Sigurosson traded..... Kosovo is done
  6. Mauritius Angola Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago USA Jamaica draw Canada Guatemala draw Canada Papua New Guinea Angola Bermuda Cuba Guatemala Canada Georgia Wales
  7. Armenia Poland Mauritius Bermuda Cuba Turkey New Zealand Georgia Guatemala Hong Kong Qatar Kazakhstan Papua New Guinea Poland Singapore Turks and Caicos USA Wales draw
  8. Tahiti Bermuda Cuba Fiji Guatemala Hong Kong Indonesia Palestine Papua New Guinea Somalia draw Kuwait draw Mauritius Austria Solomon Islands Costa Rica Wales
  9. Poland Honduras Serbia Wales Angola Bermuda Cuba Ukraine Solomon Islands Canada Hong Kong Saudi Arabia Bosnia Mauritius Iraq draw Vietnam Turks and Caicos India
  10. draw Cuba Guatemala Honduras Guatemala draw New Zealand Papua New Guinea Trinidad and Tobago Senegal Cuba Estonia Guatemala Hong Kong Indonesia Burkina Faso North Korea Zimbabwe Tahiti Turks and Caicos India
  11. With Paul Taylor being taken, I will take Daniel Gadow predictions Somalia Singapore Indonesia Thailand Singapore Thailand draw Singapore draw Thailand Hong Kong Hong Kong Somalia Hong Kong
  12. Helsen will be my pick, Kang Min-soo had low determination with relative old age and Huang Bowen is Chinese, with Helsen is much younger, I'm just gonna take him. With the only pick in the draft, Hong Kong have selected Jeroen Helsen from Roeselare Predictions Belgium Wales Mexico New Zealand draw Fiji Guatemala Angola Romania Thailand Hong Kong Solomon Islands Kosovo Palestine Curacao Cuba
  13. I'll go for De Angelis With the second pick in the draft, Hong Kong have selected Nicolo De Angelis from Roma Prediction: Solomon Islands Bermuda Fiji Singapore Guatemala Australia Hong Kong Wales New Zealand Austria Indonesia India Barbardos Cuba Costa Rica Somalia Angola Denmark Poland
  14. surprisingly Sigurodsson didn't make his debut for Kosovo, a decent win for Kosovo but nothing exciting from Andorra, I guess I can only choose based on their value and age, I'll take Marc Rebes.
  15. 10/15 Indonesia 10/17 Indonesia 10/19 Indonesia 10/21 Indonesia 10/29 Sri Lanka 11/2 Draw 11/5 Bangladesh 11/9 Mongolia