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  1. @Weiry you forget to give the player list so I'll try to choose from my memory. If it's possible Kosovo will take Liam Walker (or else Scott Wiseman).
  2. Kosovo takes Ezgjan Alioski
  3. Kosovo will have Martin Buchel
  4. Kosovo will take Albert Alavedra
  5. @Weiry is that ever possible to join now like last year? If so I would like to take Kosovo again
  6. terence123470

    Harries Football Foundation

    First Name: SiLast Name: LaiNickname:(optional) n.a.D.O.B: (All Years 1998) 9/1/98City Of Birth:Hong KongNationality: Hong Konger (Declared)/ EnglishHeight: (optional) 199cmWeight: (optional) 91kgFavoured Club(s): Arsenal, Monaco, Disliked Club(s): Chelsea, Man UTD, Man City, SpursFavoured Person(s): Adebayo Akinfenwa, Jamie VardyDisliked Person(s): Robin Van Persie, Samir Nasri, Emmanuel Adebayor, Position(Any variable of the above as long as they are not taken): STPreferred Foot: RightPreferred Moves:(Up to 5) Play with back to goal, Plays one-two, Curls ball, Shoot with power, Moves into channel
  7. I have no idea on why Daniel Gadow still unable to win Asian Player of The Year even he's being selected into World Best XI for 2 consecutive years BTW I still believed that he is by far one of the best players won from betting
  8. Nice to see Hong Kong local talents eventually got chances to play in foreign countries, looking forward about their development
  9. Finally a local HK player transfer to Europe, would like to know the transfer fee of Yeung Chun Hong if possible.
  10. Hong Kong progressing well nice However, I realize that players that from Asia and maybe even from Africa seems struggled from finding a new club to their foreign countries, I am worrying that some of them may get retired due to long time of free agency. @tastaiwan I would like to see what club(s) are interested to sing Chow Ka Wing to see whether the new team struggle exist in Hong Kong
  11. @tastaiwan Wow a 190pa for Hong Kong can I have a look of him? Hong Kong ranked 79 which is impossible IRL Interesting to see my key players are the ones won from betting, would like to know what clubs are interested to acquire them.
  12. @tastaiwan is it possible to have a further look on my local star Chan Ho Yin?
  13. Kosovo will take Michalis Papacharalabous