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  1. Finally a local HK player transfer to Europe, would like to know the transfer fee of Yeung Chun Hong if possible.
  2. Hong Kong progressing well nice However, I realize that players that from Asia and maybe even from Africa seems struggled from finding a new club to their foreign countries, I am worrying that some of them may get retired due to long time of free agency. @tastaiwan I would like to see what club(s) are interested to sing Chow Ka Wing to see whether the new team struggle exist in Hong Kong
  3. @tastaiwan Wow a 190pa for Hong Kong can I have a look of him? Hong Kong ranked 79 which is impossible IRL Interesting to see my key players are the ones won from betting, would like to know what clubs are interested to acquire them.
  4. @tastaiwan is it possible to have a further look on my local star Chan Ho Yin?
  5. Kosovo will take Michalis Papacharalabous
  6. Kosovo will take Sergei Knizhnichenko
  7. Kosovo will choose Anthony Moris, we need a better goalie (because all of them left )
  8. @Weiry can you provide ma a player list of Luxembourg as I do not have one, I can't really choose without it
  9. Kosovo will protect Elseid Hysaj and Mergim Berisha
  10. Bermuda Cuba Iceland Fiji Sweden Hong Kong Papua New Guinea Argentina Jordan draw Turks and Caicos Eq. Guinea Iran Hong Kong draw India
  11. Kosovo will take Elseid Hysaj
  12. Bosnia & Herzegovina Denmark Poland Serbia Wales Angola Bermuda Cuba Belgium draw Guatemala Hong Kong U.A.E. Yemen New Zealand Tahiti USA
  13. Well, GG Kosovo All the best players are being traded or lose....