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  1. i only conceded 2 goals in the league and 5 overall with champions league F.A cup and league cup combined. This was in my 3rd season with arsenal. And my only goals came from lousy teams actually. I won all my games but 2 which i drew. It's very possible but extremely hard because players will get over confident at some point and you can easily draw or let in a lousy goal specially from extremely weak teams.
  2. i've warned him and fine him both but it's not only one DM every DM does it
  3. but i always get the first yellow at the first tackle most the time i'm using roma and the DM is de rossi it's not like i'm using some dumb DM who just keeps doing persistent bad fouls. I mean he got the right mental. In Fm 09 i used to always set my DM to hard tackle or normal and everything was fine but now i am out of DM all of them suspended leaving me to rearrange my tactics.
  4. I play 4-5-1 with a defensive midfield but even thought i set his tackling to normal and team tackling to more cautious. he gets a yellow card every card and that's when the ref is nice if not i get a red after two yellows. I could be doing something wrong because i checked the bug section and didn't find any mention of this. my last game i had to finish the game with 2 players off. i don't think DM should be tackling easy. so any ideas ?
  5. biggest fm 2010 wins

    i won 5 nil at old trafford using arsenal. how about that
  6. Editing Media Sources + Journalists

    how do i upload edt files into FM10 ? I've got some media updates from FM09 that i would like to use in FM10 but i don't know how to add them.
  7. Adding Media to game

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to add media members to the game.
  8. Hey Lucho when you were installing you talked about it trying to charge you twice can you explain how you bypassed that because i'm at that stage and don't want them to charge me twice ... Thank you
  9. by any chance does any one of you know where i can get the tactics and trainings Guide book ?
  10. where do we get the tactics and training guide. Just got the game and want skim through that guide before starting up.
  11. i hope i'm not uninstalling 09 too early ? well i'll see when i get to that stage
  12. i just finished downloading i'm about to uninstall 09 the demo and the remaining crappola ... before installing if anyone has any questions feel free to ask i'll check back regularly to help out if i can be useful