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  1. Summary: You can't select 22 and 23 years old players for the Euro Under-21 when there is a friendly game before the competition starts. Description of Issue: In real life players over 21 years old take parts in the competition ( e.g. Ceballos in 2019) but since the under-21 friendlies in the game doesn't let you register player over 21 it generates a conflict if a friendly is scheduled just before the competition. It appears that the AI teams that doesn't have a friendly scheduled have included over 21 years old in their preliminary 28-man squad but the AI teams with a friendly seems to have the same problem as me. Steps to Reproduce: Schedule an international friendly for the under-21 in early June 2021. I uploaded my save in your cloud at the date of the squad registration. The file name is : Coach Zlie - France Espoirs.fm
  2. We just tried the first game of our 5-men draft (in FM not FMT) and it wasn't working when we tried to start the second half, the 2 games were stopped at half time without a possibility to continue. The only weird thing i saw before the problem was the fact that in both of our 2 games one of the player could do the pep talk of the half time for his team AND the pep talk of the opponent team. Maybe it was part of the problem.
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