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  1. games like yesterday are why i wouldn't be arsed if we sold him. becoming an all too frequent occurrence.
  2. suarez won't win poty because he's a deplorable human being. he's loathed by everyone. as an aside, i'd vote for carrick over rvp.
  3. think we vds and now de gea we take gk distribution for granted a bit. even just with lindegaard in net it's easy to see how much a positive difference it makes. massively overlooked area of goalkeeping imo
  4. what ****s me off most is that he is supposedly more arsed about winning £20 or whatever than united winning the title
  5. thought rooney was dreadful again yesterday. lost count of the number of 10 yard passes he misplaced.
  6. we do need to drop/rest rvp. he's looked bollocksed since about christmas and tellingly his form has started to dip more recently probably down to the sheer amount of minutes he's played.
  7. swap rooney for wilshere. suits him as he'll be the main man at arsenal.
  8. if we are selling him have to seriously be looking at getting ronaldo or bale in. can't be turning into arsenal now where we just offload our best players.
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