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  1. I have the same problem again lol. Im not sure if the game is just trolling me or I am doing something seriously wrong. My top scorers are my right winger with support duty and my mezzala support. I have some of the best strikers in the world at my club but they are acting like scapegoats, it doesnt matter what role or duty I play them as.
  2. You could definitely have a point there but I think it also depends on the role of the AMC, maybe a shadow striker or an amc with an attack duty might get in the way of the inside forward but a deeper lying amc like an advanced playmaker support might not. Again as I said previously Im not a a tactical genius Well I just changed my amc to an advanced playmaker support and my striker to advanced forward and he just scored 5 goals in 3 games. Could be pure luck but Im gona keep going with this and see how it plays out.
  3. I agree with you about the AMC. In my entire 12 seasons the AMC seems to have the least impact in my team playing in a 4231. I am not a tactical genius by any means and Im sure Im doing something wrong but my AMC seems to be creating more problems than anything. I bet if I played a 4123 or a 433, my striker would be banging in the goals as a complete forward and I would also have 1 less player to carry defensively, but I just have too many good AMCs in my team right now so I want to find out the best way to utilize them with my striker. Until I do they are pretty much going to be a burden.
  4. In my standard control possession 4231 tactic I cannot get my striker to score for the life of me. I have 2 very good strikers with high CA (4 star and 4.5 star) and very good attributes that I rotate regularly. One of them even went 23 hours without scoring which suggests something is seriously wrong with my tactic even though I am dominating most teams I play home and away. Its my wingers who are doing all the work, Id say 70% of my goals and assists come from the wingers. My strikers by far have the lowest average ratings for my team every season, the rest of the team is playing well and contributing a lot to my wins. Im using the standard control possession tactic set to positive mentality (changed to attacking mentality if I am dominating a game and sometimes go defensive when trying to keep a lead late on in the game) with no changes to team instructions. GK - SK (Support) LB - WB (Automatic) LCB - BPD (Cover) RCB - CD (Stopper) RB - WB (Defend) LCM - DLP (Defend) RCM - MEZ (Support) LW - IF/W (Attack) CAM - AM (Support) RW - W (Support) ST - I have tried Advanced Forward/DLF/Complete Forward on attack and none of them seem to be able to score and regularly go through goal droughts. The problem in my eyes seems to lie between the CAM and ST, they dont link up well at all. I have very good strikers and CAMs so Im wondering what would be the best combination of roles and duties to change them to, to get the best from both of them. Preferably without changing the rest of my teams roles and duties as the rest of my team is performing very well.
  5. Lol m, all the idiots who said 10+ , hes not that good , pele probably couldn't get 10+
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