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  1. I've had a mess around with 442 diamond against lesser teams and its good. What do you use against teams playing 442 like Newcastle? Played them a few times away and can't seem to get the win. Maybe my tactics are wrong.
  2. I got fm 2013 last night and like you have chosen my favourite team that is united. Strangley enough I was planning on using some of the same formations. Wasn't so sure about tactics. I can confirm that rooney is no good as a poacher as he just doesn't score from open play.
  3. Good luck against Barcelona!
  4. I can see another clean sweep coming your way! :-)
  5. I hope you havn't just jinxed yourself!!
  6. Just for the fun of the challenge!
  7. How about staying until the transfer budget over 1 billion? Now that would be an achievement!
  8. Great start to the season. All wins!
  9. Ah I see. Looks like it's not going to be officially in the game anytime soon either!
  10. Well I don't know who to ask!
  11. Yeah I think you should ask.
  12. Kind of reminds me of United's win over City, 3 in the second half!
  13. Clean sweeps are awesome!
  14. Must be because the Japanese leagues don't exist. Must have seen it on a custom league that was added.
  15. Is there no Suruga Bank Championship in the game? As the winner of the Copa Sudamericana qualifies for three additional tournaments in real life. These being the Copa Libertadores, Recopa Sudamericana and the Suruga Bank Championship.