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  1. It's awful. It's not an anniversary of the tragedy, it's bandwagoning and a publicity stunt imo. Maudling.
  2. So if he's not playing it then I can? Can you just clarify that! Sorry
  3. I and my flat mate both bought a copy of the game. I ordered mine two weeks ago for the BETA access and have been playing it since. He ordered his earlier last week. Mine has already arrived and I said he could use the code in the manual as I expected his copy to arrive the next day/today. If his doesn't arrive today, is it possible to uninstall the game from Steam/His computer and me then use the code on his manual to then activate my game fully?
  4. Finished 6th with Everton again. Played 38, won 14, drew 15 and lost 9. Jelavic had 11 in 34 but these were towards the end of the season. Rest of the squad was fine all averaging above 7. Decided I need better competition for Jelavic so brought in Darren Bent for £3.5m and Javier Hernandez for £8.75m. Reckon if I get a good offer for Jelavic he's gone.
  5. Having a mare with Jagielka in the 2nd season, got 19 in the league and now mid February he's on 5. Playing him in the exact same role.
  6. Beta update better include a fix to the crossing bug. It's actually a game ruiner. You set defenders to man mark/close down but they just stand by and watch as the ball gets crossed in and it's obvious what happens next. Apart from that I'm really enjoying it.
  7. BBB

    FM WeeGie

    No idea why but I can't get it to load. I've put in the right folder but when I start new game it's not there :/
  8. indeed but imagine if he was happy. It would be like 1999 with 4 top forwards
  9. would be delighted with that, Drogba still has it and I want that wage thief (Owen) out of Old Trafford. Would be happy with Modric (I know), Baines and Drogba as our "three" that Fergie is looking to sign.
  10. Rooney didn't train yesterday either. Reckon it'll be De Gea, Fabio, Evans, Rio, Jones, Nani, Carrick, Anderson, Young, Berbs, Owen
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