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  1. Hi Fenech U did a great work with your tactics. So im using your tactics at my RBL save. So i was starting at German Division 2. Playing my own tactic which was working for the first part of the season, but then somehow my team fall off. Started to strugle. So i started experimenting with my tactics, which i think is bad troughout the season bcus u never know if u do the right choices (and u start loosing points). Still i managed to get the German Division 1 promo. Then i found your tactic and applied it for the rest of the div 2 season. My team struggled for the first couple of matches, but then when they got used to the new tactic they started playing like a new team. I started the new season in the German Bundesliga on your tactic. After the first part of the season im 1st (managing Red Bull Leipzig) with 41 pts. I bet Leverkusen 2-0 (away), Schalke 04 1-4 on 2 occasions (and both times playing away), still i lost to Bayern 3-1, draw to Dortmund 2-2. But now after the first part of the season my team somehow struggles on your tactic. I think that the AI is now playing more defensive or counter aginst me. Can u help me how to counter that?