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  1. A while ago i posted some screens using a !!FM20.3.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECCC tactic because i liked the flow of the game in the ME. So this are my final results. Everything is ME simulated, no InstantResult and no Holidays. I played trough the whole season. !!FM20.3.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECCC.fmf
  2. So i started a new save with my FC Bayern, im now in my 2nd year. 1st year was a difficult ride, bcus not every tactic was working like i wanted it to work. So with the begining of the new season i switched to a 20.3 tactic developed by knap. Tactic is non touched. Plug and play. And the tactic is working like a charm. The flow of the ball and the movement of the players in ME are superb. Well done Knap. !!FM20.3.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECCC.fmf
  3. LOE Line of engagement DL Defensive Line Change WBs from Attack to Support or Defend if SUS. TW Time Wasting SUS Shut up Shop Very Defensive tactic.
  4. My couple of games after the 20.2 update using FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipvol2442P103ECCC Managing FC BAYERN
  5. Hi Im in my second season rn (managing as always FC Bayern). So here r a couple of bugs im seeing to offten in the ME - poor quality of the shots taking on goal... - poor quality of the passes (a lot of passes r played not to the player but behind the player) - crosses... r there any in the game? and when one happens its 90% over the head of the destinated player... - player taking a shot from unbelivable angles/corners instead of passing to a better positioned player... - throw-ins near the opossition side corners r thrown to the enemy golie... - to many yel
  6. Hi Fenech U did a great work with your tactics. So im using your tactics at my RBL save. So i was starting at German Division 2. Playing my own tactic which was working for the first part of the season, but then somehow my team fall off. Started to strugle. So i started experimenting with my tactics, which i think is bad troughout the season bcus u never know if u do the right choices (and u start loosing points). Still i managed to get the German Division 1 promo. Then i found your tactic and applied it for the rest of the div 2 season. My team struggled for the first couple of matches
  7. @ RTHerringbone i will post a screenshot in a couple of minutes
  8. Why awkward? I`m winning 85-90% of the matcges with this setup...
  9. Someone from SI said it ME related. I'm playing a 4-1-3-2 system where all my defenders are on defending duty (DM too), ML and MC are on support and MR on attack. Both strikers are on attack duty. So i don`t say that i struggle to win, but i have the same issue that loobsa has. 20+ shoots every game. No one will tell me that Mandzukic and Lewandowski (my both strikers) which scored a lot goals before the update came, need so much shoots/chances to score now. Down the line Loobsa it`s probably your tactic + a ME issue (confirmed by SI, where strikers need to many chances to score). They
  10. DrunkenComet i know your pain buddie. Have the same issues since the new patch. you have 8, 9 chances of scoring but your strikers can not score, ore are hitting woodwork. The AI has 1 or 2 good chances and always score. This frustrates me aswell.
  11. After the patch, the game starts to frustrate me. To golie seems unbeatable and when you eventualy beat the golie then its a miss or woodwork. 22 shoots per game 10 on goal, only to win 1:0, really? A lot of headers are misses... By misses i do not mean golie saves only over the bar or near post shots My two strikers are Mandzukic and Lewandowski. Before the patch they had naver got problems to score. Now 99% of the chances are golie saves and misses. Im starting to get really mad with the game... ;,( AAA and yeah the AI has 7 schots per game, 3 on goal and She produces everytime one goal f
  12. My general feeling after the update ist that: -> def works much better -> golies look sometimes unbeatable -> cheap shot (lob) over golie -> 100% miss -> to many woodwork shoots -> strikers tend to miss 100% chances a lot... (no, not fault of my players)
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