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  1. Hi Fenech U did a great work with your tactics. So im using your tactics at my RBL save. So i was starting at German Division 2. Playing my own tactic which was working for the first part of the season, but then somehow my team fall off. Started to strugle. So i started experimenting with my tactics, which i think is bad troughout the season bcus u never know if u do the right choices (and u start loosing points). Still i managed to get the German Division 1 promo. Then i found your tactic and applied it for the rest of the div 2 season. My team struggled for the first couple of matches, but then when they got used to the new tactic they started playing like a new team. I started the new season in the German Bundesliga on your tactic. After the first part of the season im 1st (managing Red Bull Leipzig) with 41 pts. I bet Leverkusen 2-0 (away), Schalke 04 1-4 on 2 occasions (and both times playing away), still i lost to Bayern 3-1, draw to Dortmund 2-2. But now after the first part of the season my team somehow struggles on your tactic. I think that the AI is now playing more defensive or counter aginst me. Can u help me how to counter that?
  2. @ RTHerringbone i will post a screenshot in a couple of minutes
  3. Why awkward? I`m winning 85-90% of the matcges with this setup...
  4. Someone from SI said it ME related. I'm playing a 4-1-3-2 system where all my defenders are on defending duty (DM too), ML and MC are on support and MR on attack. Both strikers are on attack duty. So i don`t say that i struggle to win, but i have the same issue that loobsa has. 20+ shoots every game. No one will tell me that Mandzukic and Lewandowski (my both strikers) which scored a lot goals before the update came, need so much shoots/chances to score now. Down the line Loobsa it`s probably your tactic + a ME issue (confirmed by SI, where strikers need to many chances to score). They (SI) are trying to tone shoots/score ratio in the comming patch.
  5. DrunkenComet i know your pain buddie. Have the same issues since the new patch. you have 8, 9 chances of scoring but your strikers can not score, ore are hitting woodwork. The AI has 1 or 2 good chances and always score. This frustrates me aswell.
  6. After the patch, the game starts to frustrate me. To golie seems unbeatable and when you eventualy beat the golie then its a miss or woodwork. 22 shoots per game 10 on goal, only to win 1:0, really? A lot of headers are misses... By misses i do not mean golie saves only over the bar or near post shots My two strikers are Mandzukic and Lewandowski. Before the patch they had naver got problems to score. Now 99% of the chances are golie saves and misses. Im starting to get really mad with the game... ;,( AAA and yeah the AI has 7 schots per game, 3 on goal and She produces everytime one goal from the shots on goal.
  7. My general feeling after the update ist that: -> def works much better -> golies look sometimes unbeatable -> cheap shot (lob) over golie -> 100% miss -> to many woodwork shoots -> strikers tend to miss 100% chances a lot... (no, not fault of my players)
  8. I`m playing Bayern and added Swiss league. When the actual season ended the game didn`t schedule the next season fixtures. So basically there are problems, when you add a new league in your current save.
  9. So i bought the game for fun... With the last patch (12.1.1) the fun was over. The game makes me crazy. Now even more since the 12.2 patch arrived. I want to play FM for fun, and not to be a shrink, which tells the player what they wanna hear to win a game. I dont wanna play a tactic which tricks me into winning a game, a just wanna play MY tactic. On the last patch Gomez (Fc Bayern) scored overal 46 scores, now 20. I`m lossing metches with teams that IRL are no problem for a side like FC Bayern. So keep the patches coming... Keep losing players/fans of the game... ;,(
  10. Hey Paul I would ask you a question. I`m playing Fc Bayern in FM 2012 and when I started and looked at the team i saw then one player is missing. So the question is -> Where is Takeshi Usami? On topic... I was the one from many people who criticised the 12.1.1 patch. But now I figured it out. I changed my tactic a bit and the team talk. So i noticed that on this patch we should be more "calm" on the FT team talk. So if you win only 1:0 versus a weak team, you should preise the team - keeps the morale high, and not slamming the team I`m now playing the 3rd season on the 12.1.1 patch -> 12 games in German League played 11 wins/1draw, 4games in CL -> 4 wins and 2 wins in German Cup
  11. So my feelings after the patch... The game definetly lost the fun factor. It is frustreting to see, how a world class striker like Mario Gomez is shooting 15 goals per season, when before the patch he shoot 30 goals. Yah, and don`t tell me about the motivation bug... Because you can`t tell me that the game is so horribely playable because SI have changed something in the process of motivating players. Second when I see how my players are playing when the ME kicks in in a match... I play Fc Bayern in FM12 but the style whitch i see when ME kicks in is horrible, passes are inaccurate, the players are shooting each other on, the goalies seem sometimes unbeatable, freekicks are bad (i`m thinking sometimes, why the hell do we need freekicks in the game when they are awfull simulated, 3 goals from freekicks last season... SI really??) and one more. I`ve got planty times a situation when the opponent team is scoring a goal against me and the game is saying that "That his first goal this season". This happens a lot of times. I read some posts on this topic and I see a lot of players are not happy with the current patch. SI is saying that they wanted to make the game more chellenging... Yeah, ok I can understand that, but it looks like that most of the players don`t want to be frustrated about the FM, they want to have fun. SO SI i would say that the 12.1.1 patch is to 80% an owngoal. Let make the next patch (goal) count PS. Sorry for my bad english.
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