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  1. When I said approximated I was referring to Cup games only. For the inaccurate data thing, maybe they can start counting all the appearances and have precise figures for "regens" only. And for the real players, you can still have all the info available with a note similar to, or even this one : "The total appearances figure may not take into account some Cup games".
  2. Super Mario again... Why always him??? Personally, I would buy him, especially with that price.
  3. I think this is the case for the Cup games only, as I really think is not that hard to find out how many games were played in the continental competitions. Also, I would like to have this "inaccurate" (let's say it can be approximated) info rather than nothing...
  4. I would also want to have separate records for League and Overall (appearances and goals).
  5. Able.Ryder

    Football Manager 2013

    I don't think you need stats to see if you're going in the right direction. You have the results for this. I have the same thoughts for the bolded part, but for me that another thing are not the stats I was just an example to show that stats don't always show if A is better than B. I agree though it was an exaggerated one
  6. Able.Ryder

    Football Manager 2013

    I think those stats determine only how he will do his job. In our case (human managers) would be exactly the opposite, meaning that the stats will be determined by how you are managing the club. For comparing yourself against AI managers, you have the Hall of Fame. And, if you're let's say Newcastle and win the PL title in the first year, would you say that you're better than Sir Alex? Because the attributes won't go up that much in only a year and he will still beat you at this.
  7. Able.Ryder

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    BTW, is Dinamo Minsk listed as his favorite club?
  8. Able.Ryder

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    This is a good one
  9. Have no advice for you, but I'd love to see the rest of the League Table
  10. Able.Ryder

    Training facilities?

    Top Training Facilities is the highest level shown in the club's information screen. I have them at the same level and when I hover the mouse pointer over the Training Facilities option in "Interact with board" screen, it says something like the club already has state of the art training facilities.
  11. So basically you want all the "ultimate" tactics in your game
  12. Isn't this possible with the help of the loan reports? I mean when you send a player on loan you have the option to ask one of your scouts to compile a loan report. But I never used this, so I might be wrong.
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    Why should this be an excuse? It also helps when you want other people to understand what you write without decoding it as Mr_Whippy said.
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