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  1. Got to the Europa League group stage for the first time only to have the groups never drawn and the competition stop...heartbroken
  2. So a wonderkid 4.5* CA, 5* PA has come through my youth intake this season better than any striker in my 1st team. I read that up to 18 youngsters should focus on training rather than games but as hes so good would it be ok to just start immediately phasing him into the first team? or will this be bad for his long term development?
  3. I have all leagues from England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Singapore, US, Australia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Japan loaded and all leagues from the rest on view-only with a large database and it seems to be going along very speedily imo - to the point I'm considering adding more. I have a decent machine but I'm not doing any overclocking or anything like that
  4. Oborishte in Bulgaria B League because thats where random.org put me
  5. where did you get the data file from? I tried to use the ones in steam workshop but fm just hangs when i try to click steam workshop in-game
  6. just getting to the end of my first season, it spent about 30 minutes processing April 30th then crashed gutted
  7. I was just sacked for not attending an emergency board meeting when I did attend the emergency board meeting!
  8. back when FM was released in Japan (I know because I was living there and bought it there) there was still no J-League in it...in fact come to think of it there was a specific note on the back of the pack (in Japanese) saying that the Japanese leagues weren't included
  9. now if smgran wants to make other comments then that's up to him but I will be ignoring FM12SX questions for the time being (nothing personal)
  10. I don't want to comment on any possible release of FM12SX unless and until it is ready so I don't get bombarded with "is it done yet?" and "hurry up" messages
  11. I also didn't say that the scout is already finished, functionally feature complete, takes advantages of new Lion features and has a new look and is only waiting on the editor side to be finished and some new graphics/UI to be put in. I didn't say any of that Another thing I didn't say is that SX now uses between 40-80% less memory when loading savegames
  12. I like that an FM12SX release is presumed to be in development lol
  13. aww, thank you for your kind words kristian
  14. woohoo I finally got it!! Say hello to the new manager of... Stocksbridge Park Steels!
  15. is it even possible for a team below 900 rep to appear? I'm wondering ifIm wasting my time trying for a stocksbridge save
  16. If anyone can get a save where Stocksbridge have materialized I would be eternally grateful - still no luck here
  17. I want a Stocksbridge save Can't get them at all
  18. watson156 - can you send me your savegame file?
  19. can you send me your save file nistemann?
  20. smgran is working on 1 last fm11sx build while i work on fm12sx
  21. new version while loading uses up to 60% less memory now. bigger files will see bigger improvements
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